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EmQuartier Opening
Sean Freeman's installation
THE BEAT | 07.04. 2015

Sean Freeman x Siam Center

British artist and professional letter creator Sean Freeman sat down with Two Magazine to discuss his inspirations, work process, how he fell in love with type, and the future of graphic design. TWO: Tell us a little bit about your piece here at Siam Center? SF: The concept was for me to do an art installation Read More

STYLE FILES | 07.04. 2015

Above the Clouds with MB&F

MB&F takes to the stars for the inspiration of their eccentric kinetic art project, HM6: The Space Pirate. MB&F stands for Maximilian Büsser and Friends. When Max chose the name, his friends found it fatuous and unfit for the luxury timepieces he aimed to produce. No one thought such an unorthodox business model in an Read More
J'AIME Lazy Susan for Two Magazine
THE BEAT | 07.04. 2015

Lazy and Dumb? Meet J’AIME’s Lazy Susan.

Lazy and dumb? Michelin star chef Jean-Michel Lorain has given new life to the Lazy Susan in the most unexpected of places: A French fine dining restaurant. Meet Susan. You’re likely to run into her in staid Chinese restaurants -always the centre of attention, everyone reaching in to be part of the action. More often Read More

Lauren Yates Ponytail Journal shares her recipes in TWO Magazine Issue 89
THE BEAT | 10.03. 2015

Up Your Breakfast Game with Lauren Yates

You met someone nice and you sealed the deal: congratulations on getting laid, ladies and gents. Now you could wait for them to slink out of your place or you could pop into the kitchen and whip up a li’l somethin’ somethin' to blow their minds.  In Issue 89, Lauren Yates of Ponytail Journal shares a Read More
THE BEAT | 10.03. 2015

The King of Anxiety: Petite Noir

Yannick Illunga, a.k.a. Petite Noir, met with Two Magazine at Bangkok’s Shades of Retro to talk about Noir Wave (his sound), working with Mos Def, and his new EP, The King of Anxiety (released in January 2015). Have a listen to Till We Ghosts, a track that was dropped in early 2015 and then pick Read More
Two Magazine features Riiyar Vara
FEATURE | 10.03. 2015

Begin Again: Riiyar Vara

Having a shaved head hasn't affected Riiyar Vara's modeling career. In her own words, she explains, “I figured I already have cancer so there's no point moping around about it.” Beyond her "skin-head" style, a side-effect of her battle with ovarian cancer, Riiyar stands out in a unique way, with an attractive mixed-race face and Read More
Black Amber Barber Shop in Two Magazine Issue 89
STYLE FILES | 10.03. 2015

Angel Headed Hipsters

‘Tii’ Suchararin Proajongbua and ‘Nui’ Pongpitaya Charoensap, the men behind Black Amber, Bangkok’s slicker-than-thou barber-shop-cum-social-club, teach you how to be on point with your grooming game. Listen up! Otherwise, get yourself down to Black Amber, where you can kick it on a Victorian sofa, flip through a German Penthouse mag, get your shoes shined, and Read More
Nod Tatong in Issue 89 of Two Magazine
STYLE FILES | 10.03. 2015

Skin Deep with Nod Tatong

‘When I see a piercing that I’m drawn to, it’s like a haunting … I see it, I like it, and I do it’ laughs Nod Tatong, owner of multi-label concept Liberty Area One. Nod’s favorite piercing is her septum, though she sports a bod mod collection of 17-piercings. What’s a septum, you ask? Herein, Read More