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FASHION | 27.11. 2015


2Magazine are proud to present the first installment of our very special collaboration with MADIEW, the 17-year old fashion sensation from Khon Kaen. Watch here to see her takeover Bangkok. . .
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CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 18.11. 2015


In the spirit of our Fashion Film Collision issue, the TwoMag team embarked, rather spontaneously, on our first ever fashion film shoot. . .
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CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 09.11. 2015

Chewing the Fat: Olivier Limousin

In the second webisode of 2Magazine's Chewing the Fat series we ketchup with Chef Olivier Limousin of L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Bangkok who tells us why his newest all-tomato-everything dish will make every date's cheeks blush as rouge as the hottest scene in 50 Shades of Grey
faces now interior 2
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 13.10. 2015


TwoMagazine presents FACES/NOW, a photography exhibition featuring nine of Thailand’s most renowned fashion photographers. 10.10.2015-9.112015 at the MahaNakhon CUBE
Christopher Wray-McCann 7
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 10.10. 2015

Dispatch: Mexico City with Waris Ahluwalia

Waris Ahluwalia, man of the world and of many talents, shares his experiences from his recent visit to Mexico City for this month's dispatches.
FASHION | 10.10. 2015


Passionate and energetic, Gabrielecorto Moltedo's love for women and leather are deep and true. We caught up with him to talk about everything from film, food, and fashion.
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FEATURES | 10.10. 2015

When Paulie met Jane

In Issue 92, we took a look at the romance of Janesuda Parnto and Paulie Sirisant. Watch this exclusive video from our cover story photo shoot.
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CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 10.10. 2015

Vespa Dream Drives

With a go-anywhere attitude, compact size, and proven power, the Vespa is the perfect companion for an overland journey to the most interesting parts of the Kingdom, including these road trip routes from Chiang Mai to Pai and up the Phang Nga coast.
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FACES | 10.10. 2015

Broccoli Revolution

“You may think you have everything: a home, money, a loving family, and so forth. And life can get busy with the everyday things. But if you really go within yourself, you can feel that something is amiss, when you wake up in the mornings—if you are not reaching out further. At least I did.” Read More
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FEATURES | 10.10. 2015

OpEd: Refugee/Migrant Challenges in Thailand

In our issue 92 OpEd: “We’re all in the Same Boat Now”, Junita Calder explains why Thailand’s migration and refugee issue can’t simply be ignored; here we share a short film on exploitation in the Thai fishing industry featuring Slot Machine, Mario Maurer, and Mai Davika Hoorne, and produced by Ananda Everingham.
FASHION | 10.10. 2015

2Mags Best Tanning Beaches

In issue 92, Courtney Roodbergen encouraged us to "Step out of the Shade", discussing different tanning solutions, including topical bronzers and tanning salons. Here, we've decided to espouse the old fashion ways by sharing with you our top tanning beaches around the world. See you on the sand! Here's a beach for those of you Read More
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 10.10. 2015

I am Demon: Pichet Klunchun

In issue 92, TwoMag watched Pichet Klunchun's rehearsal of his latest Khon dance,"Dancing with Death", which transcends the conventions of royal standard choreography and embraces the indigenous spirit of folk dancing. Here we feature an exclusive clip of a new film by Shane Bunnag featuring Pichet Klunchun: I am Demon and an interview with the director about his ongoing collaboration Read More