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FACES | 15.08. 2015

The New Establishment: Business

Meet the business leaders of a new generation: those changing the landscape of Bangkok and beyond
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FACES | 15.08. 2015

The New Establishment: F&B/Hospitality

Are you hungry? These are the ones we look to when we need our comfort food or some creative cuisine.
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FACES | 15.08. 2015

The New Establishment: Fashion/Art

Who have we selected as the biggest names in Fashion and Art in Thailand? Look inside!
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FACES | 15.08. 2015

The New Establishment: Music

In Issue 91 we featured the most influential people in Thailand, including these major players in the music industry.
FEATURES | 15.08. 2015

Free to be You and Me

The Caitlyn Jenner story has done more than simply “break the Internet”; it has provoked discussions about subjects that many are unfamiliar with and most are uncomfortable with.
FASHION | 15.08. 2015

The New Graduates

School’s out for the season! A new crop of fresh graduates from Chulalongkorn and Silapakorn University take a stand with their one of a kind thesis pieces.
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 15.08. 2015

Dispatch: Siem Reap w/Philip Huang

In Issue 91, Philip Huang shared his discoveries in Siem Reap for Two Mag’s inaugural "Dispatch from afar".
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FASHION | 15.08. 2015

Seeking '70s: Super Funky Playlist

Check out our super-funky playlist to get you in the '70s swing: all videos equipped with fashion to match the mood. Are you feeling groovy yet?
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 15.08. 2015

Chewing the Fat with Gaggan

TwoMag visits Gaggan to find out what he feeds his hard-working staff: spaghetti, of course!
FEATURES | 15.08. 2015

The Queen of King Power

Aside from familiarity with her image as the face of King Power International, how much do you really know about Rux Srivaddhanaprabha?
Houston Bros
FACES | 15.08. 2015

Secrets of Success

"Secrets of Success" features Houston Hospitality founders and fraternal twin brothers Jonnie and Mark Houston, who are literally changing the face of the Los Angeles nightlife scene.
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 15.08. 2015

Jose Parla: Piecing Together Fragments

Read an excerpt from our exclusive interview with the artist and watch a documentary about his work.