CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 26.05. 2016

May the Juice be with You

ENLIGHTENED DETOXIFICATION In keeping with our theme of “saving the world” and living clean and green, we depart from our usual inebriation to give detoxification a go: a spring cleaning of the body, if you will. After all, a little bit of juice never hurt anyone did it? The thing with detoxification though–or the version Read More

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FEATURES | 01.05. 2016


Going Green with 2Mag means getting to know Coverboy actor-singer-green activist Pae Arak a little bit more . . . watch our video and see what he would do if he could save the world . . .

Lauren Melde going green in Belize for 2mag dispatches
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 01.05. 2016

Going Green in Belize

In an update of the adage, “Take only photos; leave only footprints,” Lauren Melde travels to Belize to explain how we can minimize the effects of our travel to the benefit local communities at exotic, natural destinations.
FASHION | 01.05. 2016

A'LOHAS: Welcome to Eco-Fashion!

LOHAS stands for all that encompasses consciousness of health (physically and spiritually), the environment, social justice, and now eco-fashion!
FACES | 01.05. 2016

Bambu Indah, Bali

In Issue 95 we featured Green School founder John Hardy in our "Secrets of Success". Now we share an experience from his Ubud resort: Bambu Indah.
FEATURES | 01.05. 2016

Back Page Silliness

The last page features one of our favorite regular columns. Check out out Going Green "Duality" and learn the inspiration behind the pieces.
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FASHION | 01.05. 2016

2 Minutes with...

Moritz Krueger - Co-founder and Creative Director of Mykita
2Mag Issue 95 feature Earth A to Z: A is for Al Gore
FEATURES | 01.05. 2016

A is for Al

If there ever was an ambassador for Earth, it's Al Gore. Watch his latest TED talk and learn why.
FACES | 01.05. 2016

Legalize It

A Harvard Economics Professor explains why Thailand should legalize marijuana.
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 01.04. 2016

Yeonmi Park

Mackenzie Lowry has a face-to-face with beautiful and courageous North Korea defectee Yeonmi Park
When Life Meets Art: Cover Story Issue 94 Two Magazine
FEATURES | 15.02. 2016

Cover Story: When Life Meets Art

Disaphol Chansiri and Sutima Sucharitakul talk about the art of collecting and ultimately how art meets life and vice versa.
The Art of Advising: Issue 94 Two Magazine
FEATURES | 15.02. 2016

The Art of Advising

In an exclusive interview, we speak to Paris- and Bangkok-based art advisor Eglantine de Ganay about “The art of advising.”