CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 01.04. 2016

Yeonmi Park

Mackenzie Lowry has a face-to-face with beautiful and courageous North Korea defectee Yeonmi Park
When Life Meets Art: Cover Story Issue 94 Two Magazine
FEATURES | 15.02. 2016

Cover Story: When Life Meets Art

Disaphol Chansiri and Sutima Sucharitakul talk about the art of collecting and ultimately how art meets life and vice versa.
The Art of Advising: Issue 94 Two Magazine
FEATURES | 15.02. 2016

The Art of Advising

In an exclusive interview, we speak to Paris- and Bangkok-based art advisor Eglantine de Ganay about “The art of advising.”
Pet story, Issue 94 Two Magazine
FACES | 15.02. 2016

A Day With: Aladdin

This issue's pet story features Aladdin and Jasmine, Pongpat "Aun" Pongpairoj's red-handed tamirin monkeys.
Secrets of Success: Kevin Poon of Social/Capital in TwoMagazine Issue 94
FACES | 15.02. 2016

Secrets of Success

Kevin Poon, co-founder of Social/Capital, a creatively innovative marketing and communications agency, shares with us his secrets of success.
Work in Progress: Luk Thung Signature, Issue 94 Two Magazine
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 15.02. 2016

Work in Progress

Prachya Pinkaew, renowned director and producer of the international blockbuster Ong Bak, talks about his upcoming film Luk Thung Signature.
Chewing the Fat with Jarrett Wrisley, Issue 94 Two Magazine
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 15.02. 2016

Chewing the Fat

Jarrett Wrisley, owner and founder of Soul Food Mahanakorn, tells what it means to add “soul” to your dining experience.
FASHION | 15.02. 2016

Selfie Centered

Are selfies art? Kim V considers the progression of artistic self portraiture through the ages to find out.
Grithiya Gaweenwong, aka P'Jeab, gives an art and eat map for Chiang Mai, Issue 94 TwoMag
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 15.02. 2016

Chiang Mai Art & Eat Map

Curator Grithiya Gaweenwong (aka P'Jeab), a Chiang Mai native, gives us her low-down on food and art in her hometown.
FASHION | 15.02. 2016

Surfs Up in the land of Fashion

A look that once defined a small group of people and way of life, SURF STYLE has more than gone mainstream, it has become an essential ingredient in the creative melting pot of high fashion. There was a time when you could easily stereotype someone as a surfer by the way they dressed and looked: Read More
TwoMag Issue 94 Fresh Face Yeena Salas
FACES | 15.02. 2016

Fresh Face: Yeena Salas

Poised, polite, and refined, Yeena Salas in not your average teenage girl.
CULTURE & LIFESTYLE | 01.02. 2016

Sushi Masterclass presented by San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino masterclass at The Okura Prestige Bangkok with Michelin-starred chefs and sushi masters Chef Shinji Kanesaka and his successor Chef Toru.