Trevor Ranges

After a broken beer bottle destroyed his budding career as a brewer in Hawaii, Trevor has spent the 21st century in the Asia-Pacific region, based out of Bangkok where he found a calling as a professional coach for graduate school applicants and aspirations of a writing career. 

A reoccurring wanderlust, every nine months or so, resulted in a cumulative 5 or 6 years spent around the region, writing about Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia for Fodors and National Geographic; studying at the Shidler College of Business in Ho Chi Minh City and at the East West Center in Honolulu; and otherwise alternately exploring any and every island while keeping a thumb on the pulse of the nightlife scenes in various cities.

The past few years, things have come a bit full circle for Trevor, who recently served as Beervana’s Grand Beermeister to Bali, launching operations of the Thai-founded company on the Indonesian island. And then, just as the wanderlust came, the call of Bangkok brought him back home, once again to 2Magazine, where he rejoins the 2Mag family during the transition to a daily digital and phone-book-envy biannual print edition: coming soon to a hammock near you.  For more insight, check out his podcast: Talk Travel Asia.