12 Steps to Getting a Britney Spears Concert Ticket

For something as rare as a ticket to Britney’s concert, you’ll have to strategize well.

April 28, 2017
Remember two years ago when Maroon 5 announced a Bangkok concert and tickets were sold out before they were, well, sold? History is about to repeat itself with Britney Spears’ upcoming June concert. Be prepared for full-on drama and Sparta-style fights over a coveted ticket. But don’t you worry, Britsters, we are here to help. Here’s how you can get your hands on a Britney Spears ticket when they go on sale this May 6.
Leading up to “The Day”:

1. Time it right. Make sure your clock doesn’t fall behind: when it comes to something as important as a ticket to a Britney Spears’ concert, every nanosecond counts. If ticket sales start at 10am, turn on your laptop at 9am and check your Internet connection. Get your credit card info and personal info typed out so you can just copy and paste them into the form to reduce the time. Do some breathing exercise—you don’t want to freak out and get so shaken up that you can’t type or click properly. Let us repeat: EVERY NANOSECOND COUNTS.

2. Practice ticket buying on ThaiTicketMajor. It’s not as easy as it looks: there are many steps to take before you can finally hit the checkout button. Familiarize yourself with the system by fake-buying other tickets—without keying in your credit card info, of course.

3. Recruit helpers. Two’s better than one and all that. Anything can happen at that fateful second, so enlist help from your friends to sit in front of their computers to help you score a ticket. You know, in case you pass out from all the excitement or whatever.

4. Camp out a day before. Just as you queued up for H&M x Balmain or a Pablo cheese tart, you have to be there a day prior. Choose your most convenient ThaiTicketMajor counter, bring your sleeping essentials, and camp out there until the counter opens the next day. Meanwhile, make sure your phone is charged and ready to book a ticket simultaneously.

5. Go solo. It’s always easier to get one ticket, especially compared to getting two adjacent seats in a prime seating zone. Forget friends, it’s every man (and woman) for himself.

6. Pray. Make a deal with your preferred choice of god. You could, for example, offer to repay the deed with a perfect rendition of Toxic.

But if those didn’t work…

7. Be patient. You can probably find a ticket on Pantip right before the concert, because there’ll always be those who have tickets but can’t go—what kind of horrible karma is that? When all else fails, you can buy ghost tickets in front of the concert. No one will judge you—not when it’s a Britney ticket.

8. Befriend Woody Milintachinda. Someone of that calibre can always help you find a way to get into the concert.

9. Apply for a job at BEC Tero or IMPACT Arena. You never know, the perks might include free tickets!

10. Practice Kru Aoy’s (Thitinart Na Pattalung) approach. If you believe you will get a ticket, you will get a ticket. You know, the power of positivity and all that.

11.  Keep your eyes and ears open. Radio stations, Facebook pages, TV shows, and other media outlets might offer tickets to lucky winners. Take a week off from work if you have to. You’ll need all the concentration you can muster.

12. Accept defeat. So what if you don’t get to see this concert? Britney is only 35 years old. Chances are there will be other Britney concerts you can go to!
Britney Spears Live in Bangkok 2017 will take place on June 24, 2017 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani. Tickets start from 3,500 THB. Regular customers can purchase tickets from 10am on Saturday, May 6 at all ThaiTicketMajor outlets and at (subject to given terms and conditions). On the first day of public sale, the call-centre ticket-buying service will not be operating.