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2 Minutes with: Note Panayanggool

2Mag steals some time from Note’s busy schedule to talk about music, dating, 77th Salon and Barber, and what inspires her, including the hair color that led to her book, Blue Hair Diary.

April 27, 2017
Note Panayanggool (@notep) life is as colorful as her Instagram grid: she’s always traveling, involved in fun projects, wearing funky clothes, and, of course, singing. She is an actress, a singer, a DJ, a producer at @X0809music, and an all-around inspiring person. During a special shoot, a collaboration between Issue and 77th Salon and Barber, we stole some of this busy lady’s time for a 2-minute chat about her life, her projects, and her upcoming book, Blue Hair Diary.

What are you working on at the moment?
@notep: I’m working on X0809, which is my DJ name. It’s like my other personality—kind of like how Bruce Wayne is also Batman. On May 9, X0809 is releasing the first EP, featuring my friend Anya “Yale” Muangkote (@anyamuangkote). We’re throwing a launch party at Siam Center. We also have a plan to perform in New York in July and August.

I’m also working on my book Blue Hair Diary, which is about my former days in New York, during which I dyed my hair blue. It was actually during those days that I discovered myself, something that led me to X0809. The book will be released in October.

Apart from that, I’m going to start a vlog, NOTEPeography. Stay tuned for the first episode!

You’re doing so many things. What do you enjoy doing most?
@notep: I enjoyed writing my book, but I also enjoy being X0809. As X0809, unlike being Note, I can do whatever I want without having to care if I’m “pop culture” enough. I also enjoy traveling and vlogging about my travels. Oh, and I enjoy playing with my pet FanFan the Ferret.

Why blue hair?
@notep: I was an architecture student at Chulalongkorn University. An internship was required, and I chose to do my internship in New York City. I’d heard so many cool things about the city and I wanted to experience it, so I sent my portfolio to Anti/Anti, a design studio. I spent two months working there, but before I went, I decided to dye my hair blue because I thought it would look awesome in pictures. Having blue hair brought many things to my life, and that’s why I am writing a book about them.

What’s your favorite hair color, and why?
@notep: Every color! I’m like a lizard: I enjoy changing colors to adapt to the environment. Who knows? Maybe I’ll write Purple Hair Diary one day.

What song best describes you?
@notep: “HO” by X0809. Every element and the music video is very playful and colorful, just like me.

If you could be Marie Antoinette for a day, what would you do?
@notep: I would not think so much of myself, and I would donate money to help the poor.

How did X0809 come about, and where is it headed?
@notep: It all began after I returned from New York. I had learned about electronic music and performed with Yale, so I asked her—or forced, rather—to make music with me. We have played at many music festivals in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. And now we’re releasing our first EP, X feat. Anya Muangkote. What I’m trying to do with X0809 is to create music and art without caring about pop culture and trends. I want to inspire and be a small change that will lead to the way people behave in concerts in Thailand, how they should be more open minded and get out of their comfort zone to appreciate new music and arts. My biggest dream for X0809 is to play at international music festivals and have handsome fans, haha.

Your love life?
@notep: I’m single right now. I’m too in love with my work to have anyone! I think, at my age, I shouldn’t spend so much time thinking about love: I should be thinking about myself, what I want for my future. It’s not that I want to make money—I want to present who I am. I’m not saying having a boyfriend is a bad thing, but it just has to be for the right reason. He should lift me up, not weigh me down.

Favorite childhood memory?
@notep: I was an exchange student in Italy and I learned so much about life and about myself. I made friends with people from around the world. More importantly, the food was soooooooo good!

What cartoon character are you?
@notep: I’m Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls. I’m very active and boyish.

You’re a big fan of Issue. What do you like best about the brand?
@notep: I’ve been an Issue fan since I was much younger. At the time, I didn’t have my own money and I didn’t want to ask my mother for it. However, I really wanted to wear Issue, so I would save up and wait for a sale event. Now that I can finally afford to buy Issue, I’m still their biggest fan and I love going to Issue fashion shows because the production is always incredible.

As a hair person, what do you like best about 77th Salon and Barber?
@notep: It’s such a comfortable and sophisticated place. When I get my hair done there, it’s like being on vacation in a wonderland! The products and services are incredible. Tle [77th Salon and Barber owner] is very experienced and he can create a unique look for his customers. I’m very thankful to be in this fun project with them.