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2Night: Places + Faces

Crowded and lit in a club is what Thursday's in Bangkok should be, and with last night's internationally loved party of the moment Places + Faces making a stop in the City of Angels at Whiteline, hosted by our little bro Balm Tungsuwan along with Hennessy, there was no stopping the heat.

August 11, 2017
Places + Faces was founded by Ciesay from London. The phenomenon started with his snaps of famous friends from the A.S.A.P Mob and the like in certain PLACES. He then started throwing parties with lineups from the hip hop underground, from London to NY and anywhere really that the party landed. Pair up a hype party with the kids lining up to get in with limited edition merchandise from all the right peeps fronting you and that's Places + Faces.

What fun it was last night with a lineup that included everyone from NoteP to Thaiboy Digital to U.K. imports Uzzee and Aux God. With the "Henney" (Hennessy) being passed around and enough golden grills (teeth jewelry for those who don't know) in the spot to make it ripe, they brought the streets to BKK. Just in time too, as today is the 44th Birthday of Hip-Hop after all, when Kool Herc threw an epic party in the Bronx with 2 turntables and himself as MC back in 1973 (click on your Google icon now to learn more if you're reading this on Aug 11th) .

Scroll down to see Places + Faces in BKK.