A Chocolatier’s Favorite Chocolate Moments

Godiva Chocolatier Chef Philippe Daue picks four chocolate-related movie scenes that he loves most.

March 16, 2017
Chef Philippe Daue was born into a family of top chefs. He is the fourth generation of chef in his family, but rather than cooking savoury dishes like his father, who is a famous Michelin two-star chef in Belgium, he found himself more attracted to desserts. “I like desserts so I first specialized in pastry and then directed to chocolate,” said Chef Philippe about the beginning of his career in chocolate making, joining Godiva in 2012. He’s proud of his choice of career and said that it’s like no other job in the world. “When people ask what I do, and I say I’m a chocolatier, they automatically break into a smile and say, ‘Ahhh!’ It’s one of those rare jobs where I can follow my passion every day and bring happiness to people.”
The creative chocolatier also enjoys finding inspiration from everything around him, from architecture to local fresh ingredients, and converting them into tasty chocolates.

“When I see the shapes of the buildings, so maybe I can create new molds in those shapes. I go to traditional markets and see the fruits, herbs, and spices. If I like something, I take it back to my test kitchen to see if it’s suitable for chocolate. In Thailand, I’d like to work with kaffir lime leaf, chili, ginger, mango, and mangoesteen.”

We asked Chef Philippe, during his recent visit to Bangkok to celebrate Godiva’s Grand Opening Ceremony at Siam Paragon, to pick the four greatest chocolate scenes from movies and TV shows.


“I like the scene where she’s crushing the beans and letting the people try it. You see the people smile and their faces change when they taste it. That’s what chocolate is: when you give chocolate to someone, they are happy.“

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

“It’s not related to chocolate, but I like the scene with the girl growing into a blueberry. It has a valuable lesson. You can indulge in something, but when you overdo it, it takes you over.”

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

“I love the scene on the train in this Harry Potter movie when he discovers chocolate frogs with his new friend Ron Weasley. I think it’s very funny. Even though it is chocolate in a not so appetizing form, it still makes people happy, and they can’t resist eating it.”

Chef Stephane Leroux’s Flower Art with Belcolade

“I’m always impressed by the videos of Chef Stephane Leroux (MOF 2000) Flower Art with Belcolade, in which he creates incredibly beautiful artistic showpieces with chocolate. Stephane Leroux is probably the greatest chocolate artist ever, so watching his videos is always a great inspiration.”