A Day at Moose Asian TTR Kiteboarding Championships

The KTA returns to the shores of Pranburi after a three-season break with the “Moose 2017 Asian TTR Kiteboarding Championships & KTA Freestyle X”.

March 31, 2017
The windiness of March, for us mere mortals, probably doesn’t mean much more than a welcome relief from the scorching sun. For kiteboarders, March is the time for the best wind and weather for this extreme water sport.

The first event of the 2017 Kiteboard Tour Asia went down at Pak Nam Pran, 30km south of Hua Hin. On the beach of Pranburi, we witnessed the amazing skills of these kiters, who could very well have been gymnasts.

2Magazine braved the scorching sun and strong wind to capture these beautiful moments. Check them out in the gallery below.