An “Eggstra” Special Thank You

A throwback to the recent Egg Picnic at Wonderfruit: thank you for making our collaborative project between 2Magazine and artist Ong Kongpat a success.

March 02, 2017
The whimsical whirlwind known as Wonderfruit has cleared the horizon for another year, leaving us attendees feeling like abandoned children separated from our big, beautiful, temporary family. Four more days of art, culture, music, and conscience passed by in a dusty, colorful, cymbal-laden haze.

The descriptive threads for this celebratory excursion to the fields of Siam Country Club in Pattaya are endless, but the feelings are genuine: the fleeting Wonderfruit experience leaves a lasting impact on all attendees, long after the sunburn has peeled and the dust has left every crevice of your belongings.
2Magazine spent the festival cooking, serving, and celebrating organic khao kai jiew at the “eggstra” special Egg Picnic: a purpose-built, family-friendly zone dedicated to all things feather and shell. We welcomed thousands of revellers to our temporary home, feeding the senses of all who made the trip to our side of the main field. With Thai pop artist Ong Kongpat charged with creating the space through his unique vision, the sky-high chicken coop was a visual and experiential homage to the humble, flightless fowl.

Thanks to Hilltribe Organics, close to 900 plates of organic Thai omelettes with rice were sold, with profits heading straight to SATI non-profit to fund a pilot project that will see chickens donated to a tribal school in a Northern hill tribe community. The hens will form the nucleus of an educational program for children in the school who suffer with food supply deficiencies. Thanks to the hungry punters at Wonderfruit, the children will raise and keep hens in their school, who will in turn provide the students with organic, nutritious eggs for their school meals.
The Egg Picnic audience was given a chance to sit, relax, take a break from the scorching heat, fill their stomachs, savor a tipple, play games, dance, chat, and create some arts and crafts. In doing so, everyone who visited our Egg Picnic improved the lives—and futures—of underserved children in Thailand and supports the continuing work of SATI Non-Profit in creating sustainable solutions for social issues across this country.

The khai jiew was also really, really yummy.

The Egg Picnic was made possible by the support of our partners Ong Kongpat, Hilltribe Organics, and SATI Non-Profit, with help from our sponsors AV Systems, Italasia, Issue, and Somprat Arreeruk.