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Back Page: What if Wonder Woman Won?

This Independence Day, we look at Trump's America through the lens of summer superhero blockbusters.

July 04, 2017
In a performance so convincing that he’s not sure that he’s acting, former reality TV star-turned-supervillain Donald Trump is an early favorite for Best Supporting Asshat and winner of America’s Got No Talent (at picking its leaders).
While she’s arguably more Cersei Lannister than Diana Prince (and Trump is certainly more Joffrey than Joker), America can’t help waking up this 4th of July realizing that they’ve chosen to watch the wrong superhero movie; that it is, in fact, not a movie is all the more frightening, leaving us wondering how long this rotten tomato will continue…
*** Speaking of wonder women, we were impressed by the best WW performance since Linda Carter’s epic portrayal of the mighty Amazonian Ambassador-at-large, Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta, by Gal Gadot. Setting aside Gadot's military service, one facet of her real-life WW persona, Wonder Woman is the ultimate female superhero: men want her, women want to be her. Much like superman, she represents American ideals but on a global scale, upholding the rights of all humanity and choosing the moral high ground over the narrow self interests of nationality, something we all could emulate on this bittersweet American Independence Day. ***

Now go BBQ, drink some beer, and blow shit up, you crazy country you!