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Beyond the Beers: Hair of the Dog

Don't recognize the breed of dog that bit you the night before at your local beer bar? Have no fear, the booze doctor is here at The Clinic, offering cocktails to remedy that lingering hangover that ails you.

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October 04, 2017
Nowadays, it feels like craft beer bars are opening in Bangkok with the same frequency as
Donald Trump is firing off a controversial tweet.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my IPAs, Pale Ales and Imperial Octuple Grandmaster Stouts as
much as the next person. But sometimes having a dozen different beers to try isn’t enough, and
what you really need is a reliable cocktail to break up the balance of beers you’re drinking.

Enter The Clinic, the brainchild of the same folks who brought you one of the city’s favorite craft
beer bars: Hair of the Dog.

Located on the second floor of Hair of the Dog in Phrom Phong, The Clinic adheres to the same
look, feel and charm of the asylum-themed craft beer bar downstairs. Don’t let the decor fool
you, though – this Clinic is a no nonsense cocktail joint.

There aren’t any gimmicky syringe shots or IV bag cocktails served here. The Clinic focuses on
classic cocktails, sold at wallet-friendly prices.

This means the Negroni (250 THB), Whiskey Sour (200 THB) and Old Fashioned (250 THB) –
simple, strong, to the point and designed to cleanse palates between rounds of craft beer on
draft. After a Negroni or an Amaretto Sour, for example, you might finally be ready to tackle the
imperial stout you’ve been eying since you walked into the bar.

It’s not all booze and brews. The Clinic helps you extend your night with dishes such as cheesy
larb balls, chicken tenders and the signature poutine, a Canadian classic from a Canadian-run

Should you be around Phrom Phong and feel a sudden urge for a good cocktail, or if you simply
need a break between IPAs, make your way upstairs at Hair of the Dog. Grab a numbered cue
card because “The Clinic” is precisely what the doctor ordered.