Black Tie Sarong

As 2Magazine and Lotus Arts de Vivre get ready to celebrate “The New Establishment List 2017” and the launch of our first biannual edition with a Black Tie Sarong party in Bangkok, we look at our inspiration.

June 09, 2017
Picture steamy Bali nights with the sweet, fragrant scent of tuberose and frangipani filling the air; close your eyes and imagine David Bowie and Iman dancing in the moonlight. Look around and you’ll see Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger exchanging wedding vows, and Diane Von Furstenburg in a beautiful kaftan with flowers in her hair. An island of peace and beauty and a mecca for surfers following the endless summer—enchanted by the smells, the food, and the waves, many have stayed.  

Though much has happened between the ’70s and 2017—tales of Ubud’s hidden treasures have all been told in Eat, Pray, Love and those in search of pristine beaches must now explore more remote parts of this glorious island—Bali remains one of the world’s paradises. The Island of Gods, Bali remains a highly mystical place: there is nowhere like it and it’s magical sunsets bear witness to this.

When we think of Bali, we think of swaying sarongs in the night breeze, flowers in the hair, and glittery lace blouses of beautiful women carrying towers of fruit atop their heads on the way to the next ceremony, their husbands and sons, strong and lithe in their movements, clad in black and white sarongs. The gods bless the island: the natural beauty of the land and the grace and devotion of the people speak to this.
When we think of escape and think of all the things we love coming together, we think of Bali. We think of the weddings, parties, and celebrations; the romantic Balinese night of Nicki Von Buren’s wedding at their home in Canggu, complete with millions of candles and a kecak dance on the beach; the days and nights in the enchanting gardens of Linda Garland’s estate; sunsets at the Hotel Tugu; lazy days in Seminyak Villas and Canggu Estates; watching the waves peel across the reef from the cliffs of Uluwatu; paddling out on divine, pre-dawn Padang Padang mornings, and sunset sessions at Old Man’s; and dancing at Potato Head followed by a dip in the beachfront pool. All this, in a Sarong, always sunkissed, with a flower in our hair.

Black Tie Sarong is a tribute to that ultimate moment when all the beauty of Bali comes together and the sarong takes center stage; an occasion in which men and women come together to celebrate, free to dance the night away –Black Tie indicates that it is an important moment to commemorate and sarong because you know that at some point in the night you will be dancing under the moonlight and, if you are lucky enough, wading in the ocean by the light of the moon.