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Coachella is 2 weekends of amazing music, to-die-for weather, non-stop parties and inimitable style. 2Magazine presents a list of Coachella-ready pieces that we love for our most favorite music festival of the year.

April 14, 2017
The great Californian dessert and the event that sees an  exodus of the most fashionable festival goers in the world--from all over the Earth, including a major west coat migration from NYC, but most specifically from LA where people pile into cars for a roadtrip to Coachella Valley for the eponymous Coachella Festival.

Seeing that the festival also falls over Easter and our very own Songkran holidays, it’s not difficult to make this great weekend (you now have a choice of attending 1 of 2 weekends featuring more the less the same line-up) even coming from Asia.

Coachella is not just about the music (although the line-up year after year does not fail, it is awesome always); its about all the greatness that California has to offer: perfect weather, pool parties in great villas (we are indeed in Jonathan Lautner territory), BBQs, midnight carnivals on unused airport runways, cocktails at hotels, and when golden hour arrives, making your way to Coachella itself.

It is beautiful, that dry desert landscape with those pastel colors, so much so that selfies and street-style (desert-style) photos are important enough things that your look and your outfits for Coachella matter. In fact it’s part of the whole experience. Dry sunny days, breezy nights, a bit of dust, some grass, and a bit of a trek from one stage to the other or finding your peeps backstage, which is a sprawling area itself. What is so welcome and wonderful is that grassy shaded turf of the VIP area. We love Coachella.

We’ve selected our fave pieces from jackets to shoes to accessories and tops and bottoms from all over in tribute to one of our favorite festivals on Earth. One thing is pretty straightforward though: boots are pretty helpful, especially in the dust--though those sandals for the pool parties and lounging are a must, for boys and girls.
The tops and bottoms seen most often are the barely-there bottoms with tees and tanks. For the boys, we’d say t-shirts that you can’t help but love: tie-dye is oh so appropriate. And versatile shorts though we are pretty into the sarongs for boys these days, especially tie dyed ones. We’ve thrown a Kaftan in there for good measure, always a good cover up and fantastic for those sunsets.
Accessories range from totally boho to a little less so, bags and sunnies and hats – these are our faves. And then the jackets, to just throw on when the breeze starts coming. With these, there is no going wrong.