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Cocktails with Ponytail Episode 3

To complete the perfect trilogy, we release the final episode of “Cocktails with Ponytail” — Lauren learns the art of the G&T from the team at Teens of Thailand.

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September 28, 2017
Over the past two episodes, Lauren has explored the cocktail culture of Bangkok with visits to two of the city’s unique bars. Constantly gaining new knowledge from her desire to learn more, she sets out on a quest to advance her cocktail-making skill set.

Usually on the “regular” side of the bar like the rest of us, Lauren hops behind it to learn how to make a good Gin & Tonic. The simple classic, she soon realizes, is not as easy as one thinks. Venturing all the way to the infamous gin bar Teens of Thailand, Lauren aims to learn from the pros. With a little help from co-owner Niks Anuman, Lauren is now behind the bar as they create their own twists on the classic G&T.

This is Cocktails with Ponytail at Teens of Thailand.