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Dispatch: Waris Ahluwalia In Mexico City

Waris Ahluwalia is a man of the world and of many talents: designer, actor, and - of late - tea brewer. On his recent visit to Mexico City he was inspired by everything from his hotel and amazing food to art and ruins.

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December 08, 2016
I also took a side trip to Guadalajara, where I spent most of my time in the newly opened Casa Fayette. The colors, the colors, the colors! The Italian firm Dimorestudio did  a bang up job with the interiors.

Condesa DF
A beautiful hotel by Grupo Habita, hidden in the tree-lined bohemian neighborhood of Condesa. My  favorite part of the day was breakfas in the courtyard. Mario, the General Manager, is quite the host.

For breakfast (if you want a change from the courtyard in the Condesa) please go to Lalo. The fresh juices, the pastries, and the huevos are perfect. If this were New York, I would eat here everyday. The restaurant sits in a former gallery; I think the mural is from its previous life.

El Califa
For the best tacos  you've ever had, run to El Califa. Try everything. Eat everything. And don't be embarrassed to eat here more than once on your trip.

Maximo Bistrot Local
After you've had your fill of traditional Mexican food, go to Maximo Bistrot Local: a superb little gem. Start with the green beans—the magic is in the dressing—and then have the steak, and maybe the risotto also. I wouldn’t lead you astray.

For the best seafood lunch, go to ContraMar; for the best scene, go on a Friday.

Also don't forget dinner at the best Italian spot in town: Rosetta. So much to eat on this trip.

The Museo Jumex always has a thought- provoking show—I saw We Must Become Idealists or Die by Gustav Metzger. An activist and an artist—always pushing the idea of art to its edges.

Frida Kahlo Museum — We've all seen the work but to see it in the context of her house and garden is another thing. Casa Azul comes alive with stories and love shared by Frida and Diego.

Palacio de Cultura Banamex had a great exhibition of Mathias Goeritz. It's a beautiful building and worth a little tour.

Louis Barragan House & Studio — The light, the lines, the colors, the art, and collected artifacts all come together in this incredible house of the visionary architect. Also pop in these two galleries...

LABOR and KURIMANZUTTO — The exhibits are always changing but the spaces are also worth seeing.

For something less art related, go to see a La Lucha wrestling match at ARENA MEXICO. Mystico is my favorite.

The best time to go to Mexico is during the ZONA MACO FAIRS—an already bustling city just explodes with energy.