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Double Take: Chanya Tokrisna x Pasinee Kongdechakul

Chanya Tokrisna and Pasinee Kongdechakul on all things Comme des Garçons.

April 29, 2017
In our “Double Take” column, two fashion personalities sound off on fashion, beauty, grooming, and lifestyle trends. In anticipation of the May 4 opening of “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons” at the Met Gala 2017, senior brand manager for Comme des Garçon in Thailand “Ploy” Chanya Tokrisna and avid Comme des Garçon aficionado “Jeep” Pasinee Kongdechakul express their views on the brand’s signatures, from Rei Kawakubo’s bob to collections from the past.
Image: Instagram @ploy_chanya
Image: Instagram @jeepjeep

Chanya Tokrisna is the ultimate Comme des Garçons girl, having worked for the brand for several years. Always spotted wearing Comme des Garçons items Ploy also sports the Comme des Garçons attitude: creative, unconventional, and daring.

Pasinee Kongdechakul is a Bangkok-based illustrator who has used her adorable designs for fashion brands such as Flynow III. Her illustrations are seen on ceramicware, fabrics, paper, and more. She’s not afraid to think outside the box, and that applies to how she dresses. She’s a living, breathing Comme des Garçons spirit.

Your favorite Comme des Garçon collection?

@ploy_chanya: I love every collection. It is always a surprise, filled with art, freedom, and creativity. But if I had to choose, my most favorite would be Spring/Summer 1997, Autumn/Winter 2007, and Autumn/Winter 2012.

@jeepjeep: Comme des Garçons 2D paper doll skirt — Fall 2012.It makes me think of my childhood when I played with my paper dolls.

Comme des Garçon S/S 1997
Comme des Garçon F/W 2012
Undone knitwear from the Comme des Garçon 1982 collection.
Image: Courtesy of Comme des Garçon

@ploy_chanya: Timeless!

@jeepjeep: Done, undone, or overdone, all the folding and twisting techniques, patterns, and colors are what makes Comme des Garçons.

“The more people that are afraid when they see new creation, the happier I am.” — Rei Kawakubo

@ploy_chanya: I’m always afraid before the show starts, but I’m always happy at the end of the show.

@jeepjeep: I’m afraid. I’m intrigued. I scream. I roll my eyes. I’m overjoyed. There are so many emotions flowing through me when watching a Comme des Garçons show. That is Rei’s art at work.

Rei Kawakubo’s bob.
Kawakubo in Tokyo, Photograph by Eiichiro Sakata

@ploy_chanya: It’s a signature.

@jeepjeep: She says she doesn’t like her hair, but I like it. It’s simple but graphic. Not everyone can sport this hairstyle: your hair must have volume. I have naturally wavy hair, so this hairstyle is out of the question for me. But I guess it can look like a Thai public school girl’s hair if you don’t have a strong character.

Who will be the best dressed at the Met Gala 2017?
Rei Kawakubo

@ploy_chanya: Rei Kawakubo, of course.

@jeepjeep: A lot of people have their mind set on Katy Perry or Pharrell Williams, but for me, I want to see the atmosphere of the event and the performance more than what people wear to it.