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Double Take: Jongkol Palarit x Veekrit Palarit

Jongkol Palarit, Fashion Editor of Vogue Thailand, and Veekrit Palarit, Managing Director at Nørse Republics, sit down to talk trends from Celine Dion to Game of Thrones.

August 09, 2017

To say @veekrit is passionate about modern design is an understatement. The Managing Director of Nørse Republics has an eye for style (duh, look who he’s married to), and he not only uses it for his business but also for his personal appearance. Veekrit is chosen to be among GQ Thailand’s 16 male celebrities to follow on Instagram thanks to his dandy and dapper look.

@pookjongkol has gone far beyond being an iconic fashion editor. The stylish lady is the go-to person for fashion advice, and an inspiration for clothes lovers. The mother of one exudes elegance whether when she attends international fashion weeks or when pushing her son’s stroller in the park in flip-flops. Style is who you are, not what you wear!

Celine Dion’s New Look

Veekrit: Well, one thing in my mind is that I hope my wife wouldn’t turn to be like this when she gets to be her age.
And this look makes her even older: weird right?

Jongkol: I love her new look and I am a big fan of hers. She has the greatest voice of all. But the fact is that her face, personality, and the new look don’t belong together. It’s an interesting contrast though. And I believe that makes people love her.

North or Saint West?

Veekrit: North! I see Kanye in her face and that

Jongkol: Saint for sure!
The boys ask for toys but the girls would ask for Dior.

Hot and Spicy Soup with Pork Rib Fever

Veekrit: That’s awesome. I love this Leng hot and spicy soup. Expecting that green to be wasabi.

Jongkol: Oh yes, in Thailand you can have everything at a Japanese Buffet restaurant from Alaska crabs, shark fin, to E-sarn spicy soup! I couldn't ask for more.

Iron Throne on Game of Thrones

Veekrit: Terrific design and I think this one of the most wanted seats ever.

Jongkol: It’s like an iron peacock!

Team Mooasava, Team Peach, or Team Lukkade?

Veekrit: “Behind every great man is a great woman.”

Jongkol: Team Khun Tae! (@TaeKantana). To me he is beyond.