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Double Take: Onsiri Pravattiyagul x Mila Wenin

In our “Double Take” column, two personalities sound off on fashion, beauty, grooming, and lifestyle trends. For March, the month of International Women’s Day, a new fashion season, and many other random happenings, Billboard Thailand Editor Onsiri Pravattiyagul and Harper’s Bazaar Thailand Digital Director Samila Wenin discuss current topics, from the Oscars snafu to Ricardo Tisci.

March 30, 2017
image: instagram @onsiri
image: instagram @milawenin

Onsiri Pravattiyagul is synonymous with a lot of things: music, Billboard Thailand, wicked humor, and Dudesweet parties, to give you just a few examples. On private platforms, her comments are often hilarious, but she is also capable of—and great at—writing spot-on, critical commentaries about social issues. The Editor of Billboard Thailand and the self-proclaimed bouncer of Dudesweet also possesses an impressive fashion sense and a unique style.

With over a decade of experience in the fashion circle, and the inner-est of inner circles at that, Samila Wenin writes about fashion like no other. She is a walking and talking (and sometimes stalking) fashion encyclopedia whose wealth of fashion knowledge makes her the go-to person for fashion reference. Her baking skills are also pretty awesome.

Arabia fashion

image: instagram @voguearabia

Onsiri: “I am all for woman empowerment. It’s interesting to see how designers can work their magic in quite a constricted context. It would be good to see ‘Arabian fashion’ go beyond the Arabic world, and a deeper understanding of diverse cultures is needed when dealing with such matters. It shouldn’t be just face value.”

Mila: “I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s $$$$$$$ worth of superbrands (and Thai designers) that go inside those black burkas.”

Oscars 2017 VS Miss Universe 2015

Onsiri: “Sometimes I feel that these fuck ups are purely for our entertainment. It’s embarrassing in a good, jolly way to me.”

Mila: “Who would believe the Oscars would be so low as to pull a Miss Universe knock-off stunt? That’s so lame! I mean…all the best directors and screenwriters out there and you copy Miss Universe…of all?”

Logo Nails

image: instagram @marcbeauty

Onsiri: “Why would anyone want to brand themselves with other people’s brands? Do we get paid to put these logos on our nails? If so, please ask them to contact me. I’m more inclined to promote consumer products.”

Mila: “You can get any brand you want at any salon in Thailand. They’ve been doing it since as long as I can remember so I’m sure they are way better at it than even the brands’ own manicurists.”

Ricardo Tisci for Versace

image: instagram @ricardotisci17

Onsiri: “Does this mean we no longer have to tolerate Ms. Donatella’s boobs?”

Mila: “It will be just another Riccardo Tisci. You have some 60-year-old brand with history, legacy, and founder who’s alive and fine, and he still made it so Tisci. So, never mind some nearly 40-year-old Versace with a dead founder.”

Ugly Fruits and Vegs

image: instagram @uglyfruitandveg

Onsiri: “This is everything! As a Thai through and through, I would like to rub these strange veggies and fruits for winning lotto numbers.”

Mila: “Either you eat them or you ask for lottery numbers.”

Lilly Rose Depp VS Frances Bean Cobain

image: instagram @lilyrose_depp
image: instagram @space_witch666

Onsiri: “I prefer their fathers.”

Mila: “Can’t it be Max Irons -vs- Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis instead?”

Bella Hadid x Chromehearts VS Gigi Hadid x Tommy

image: instagram @bellahadid
image: instagram @gigihadid

Onsiri: “I haven’t seen enough of the sisters’ artistic temperaments to judge. Let’s just say, this is not for me. The Hadids don’t need my money. Collaborations are supposed to breed creativity. Let’s leave it at that.”

Mila: “Chrome Hearts. I’m sure nobody knows it’s Bella anyway. I mean, if anyone asks, I can just tell them it’s Thai brand called Missile.”