Five Picks from Adfest Lotus Awards Exhibition

Awesome designs at Adfest that deserve a special shoutout.

March 23, 2017

Everything we touch, see, eat, and use in our modern life has been carefully thought out and designed by someone out there. Oftentimes, their efforts go unnoticed because we’re surrounded by countless awesome designs.

That’s what attending Adfest is all about: feeling a sense of appreciation for creativity and being inspired by endless possibilities. Now in its 20th year, Adfest, Asia’s most celebrated and recognized regional creative festival, returns today (March 22) to Pattaya to celebrate fresh ideas in craft and creative industries. The highlight of this year’s event is Adfest Lotus Awards, which are given to outstanding creative works in 18 award categories. A group of 56 juries have been invited to travel to Adfest all over the world to select works of the highest standards for this prestigious title, narrowing down thousands of entries to just around a hundred.

Here are our five favorite picks from the exhibition. Whether they win an award or not—the winners of Adfest Lotus Awards will be announced this Friday (March 24)—they’ve already won our hearts.

1. KFC Speed Packaging,
by Ogilvy Group, Thailand

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to food delivery. KFC comes up with a design that marries form and function, resulting in this series of limited-edition packaging exclusively given to top spenders. It has a very Thai twist to the design (the obvious fire-inspired spikes), which is quite endearing.

2. Kintora Tattoo Bottle Stickers,
by Dentsu Inc. Nagoya, Japan

Sake is a very niche market, and few sake brands are known by name to foreign consumers. With the trend of kanji tattoos, Dentsu Inc. Nagoya came up with the idea to turn bottle labels into tattoo stickers that customers can put on their bodies. So instead of just drinking some random sake and forgetting all about it, the customers will have something to remember the sake by.

3. Domino’s Pizza Shame Piece Cutter,
by Dentsu One, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

There’s always that last piece of pizza, known as “the shame piece”, that no one is willing to eat. It just sits there, untouched and awkward because no one wants to be the one who takes the last piece. With the Shame Piece Cutter, a design that turns potential food waste into bite-size pieces for sharing, everyone can get a piece of the last slice. Problem solved!

4. Maison Mihara Yasuhiro’s Paper Socks in the Shoes,
by J Walter Thompson, Japan

With a purchase of new shoes, it is said that up to 78% of fashion-forward people also consider buying new socks. This brand turns crumpled up shoe-stuffing paper into paper socks for visualization to help customers find the perfect shoe/socks pairing. The paper socks are said to help boost Mihara Yasuhiro boutique’s sale by 153%.

5. Very Chocolate "The Perfect Cure for Almost Anything", by Cheil, Hong Kong
We can all agree that chocolate makes everything okay. It calms you down when you are rattled. It makes your mood soar when you are down. Cheil, Hong Kong has repositioned Very Chocolate products as more than chocolate bars: they are a cure for a bunch of symptoms that we face, be they PMS or a headache. Designing chocolate bars as medicine probably makes us feel less guilty consuming them as well. Not that we should feel that guilty about a little indulgence.

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