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2Magazine has a conversation with Tom (G-Circuit co-founder), about the 11th G-Circuit, the most anticipated Gay Festival in Asia, only a few days away (14 – 16 April).

April 12, 2017

2Magazine: How will G-Circuit be different this year? What can we expect?
Tom: First of all, this will be the biggest venue that they’ve ever used before [Bangkok Convention Centre]—a much bigger space than last year (which was already large) or two years before. There will be a bigger VIP area. Our VIP tickets are always sold out really quickly so we wanted to make this bigger as there is a demand for it.

2Mag: What of the line-up?
Tom: So this year there will be back to back DJs—so it will be an EDM concept which has never been done in a Gay party before—each night will have opening DJ and two main DJs. So expect there to be music all night, and of course all our DJs are world-class anyway. For example, Mina Flower (Rupaul Dragrace) will be joining us: her sets are great.

2Mag: G-Circuit has pretty spectacular production. What can we expect to be different this year?
Tom: We are pretty famous for production. It will be really crazy. Actually, the production that they are planning this year, because the sheer size of the venue, everything will be much bigger.
MAYA (Simantov) will be over to sing—she’s pretty huge on the circuit with her dance music over the past decade: very famous amongst the LGBT community. If you’ve not heard of her you might have heard some of her songs: “Everybody Needs a Man”, “Be My Boyfriend”... We are really excited for her .
Last year was our 10th anniversary and we did not expect to be bigger this year, but thankfully there are more sponsors than ever (20 to be exact) and with that what will be unique that we’ve not done before is, in the foyer to the party, there will be an experiential area where there will be 70 models and sponsor booths where you can engage in the whole G-Circuit experience even before you enter the dance hall.

2Mag: We’ve seen the posters and videos promoting the party this year. Can you tell us more about what is specific with Songkran 11 and what the posters are telling us?
Tom: The theme for the first night is a Safari theme. I think this is the best poster we’ve ever produced. We shot everything ourselves and, I have to say, I’m very proud of what my team has done with the posters and the videos. I didn’t think we could do better than what we did last year, but I must say that it really is. Every night there is a theme: safari, superpower, the last night is Ink. Due to popular demand, there will be here will be an INK Station (airbrushed ink). People are encouraged to dress according to theme—this is pretty unique for a gay party and from the feedback so far it seems like people are really excited about the themes this time.

2Mag: What can we expect of the guests who are coming? It seems like everyone descends upon Bangkok for this party. We have a bunch of our friends who are flying over for this.
Tom: It’s worth adding that 70-75 percent of foreigners, US and China, they really like Thailand and really like Songkran. Last year there were around 8000 guests per night; this year expecting about the same number. It’s sometimes referred to as THE GAY MIGRATION.

2Mag: We noticed how there are a few partners that you work with that offer guests of G-circuit some amazing deals like discount at Club21 and Nara, all within proximity to the venue.
Tom: Last year we had a gala dinner where we sold 500 seats and it was the first year that they had sponsors like Panpuri and Club 21, and this has continued through to this year. For example, we are working with ZEN Department Stores. From a gay party, which did not have recognition from mainstream brands, the past 3-4 years have seen real appreciation for the LGBT community. Here in Thailand, a big part of the support I’ve had is from the straight community; I’m really grateful for this.

2Mag: What made G-Circuit find its home in Thailand?
Tom: It was really more a personal reason than anything strategy. Eighteen years ago, I was in Thailand and, on my last day, I met my boyfriend. I was studying at NYU at the time. He moved to New York to live with me and those four years we spent in New York were the heydays of the gay club scene, clubs like Roxy and Limelight. It was really amazing and we experienced this together so when we moved back to Thailand we really wanted to start something like this, that captured it all. So that’s what we did 11 years ago and it’s grown into this huge thing. I’m so grateful for this.

2Mag: Lastly, it’s the biggest Gay Festival in Asia: is it open to women too?
Tom: Women are also invited; it’s not a just a gay party only. There are lots of women (especially now with H20 and lots of women have gay friends who fly in for this). It’s not something I’m against. I know there are gay parties that are for men only but our policy is that we don’t discriminate in the hopes that we also are not discriminated against either.

Tickets will available at the door,
14th – 15th – 16th April afternoon – 2 am.