Hair Apparent

Who wore it better: man or man’s best friend? Have a peek at these pooches and their pals who have supernaturally similar hairstyles.

February 08, 2017
Quick, what’s your spirit animal? What constitutes a spirit animal, anyway? Are they based on looks, temperaments, cosmic dictations? Or maybe they’re simply based on some inexplicable, yet deep-seated knowing (when you know you just know, you know?). Regardless of your selection process, when it comes to finding a spirit animal, one often need look no further than man’s (and woman’s) best friend. We gravitate towards dogs that look like us, they say. Spend enough time with a pooch and you’ll start to look like one, they say. It’s all in the eyes, they say. But for us, it’s all in the hair. In the spirit of, well, spirit animals, we’ve paired up some of the city’s most unique faces —and heads of hair— with their canine counterparts, matching them up, face-to-face, follicle-for-follicle. Meet all nine duos here.
Wool coat, cotton shirt and wool-blend trousers, all BURBERRY | Silk lariat necktie, SRETSIS
Maximilian Adlercreutz + Pablo the English Cocker Spaniel

You may know him as: The tall Swede spinning tracks at top bars, parties, and festivals in and around Bangkok under the name DJ Plata. Max also has his own line of custom-made denim and overcoats, Palette, and has modeled for various streetwear labels.
Why we love his hair: “Max’s signature are his curls —they’re the perfect texture and springiness with just the right amount of ‘fluff’, not too much, not too little. He barely has to do anything to it. His natural color is just the right shade of brown. The length is perfect, not too short, not too long. He’s basically got the Goldilocks of hair.” - Billy, Hairstylist, The Lounge 

Tweed jacket, denim shirt and denim cuff, all CHANEL | Glass pearl bracelet, crystal ring and earrings, all O THONGTHAI
Emma Thompson + Fiji the Bichon Frise

You may know her as: 2Mag’s own junior editor and content curator, Emma has written extensively about the loves, loathes, and struggles of her unique hair texture on her blog, The Part Time Model.
Why we love her hair: “While Emma may describe her hair as ‘big, curly, and a pain in my ass,’ it’s actually a thing of pure joy! As full of life as it is volume. Buoyant, bubbly, does its own thing —it’s basically her, personified.” - Kim, Fashion Editor, 2Mag
Paten leather coat, MIU MIU | Gold-plated agate necklace, MALLIKA B, and costume pearl ring, HOJ, both available at HOUSE OF JEWELRY
Alexandra “Alix” Potter +  Say-Hi (left) and Mr. Prime-time the Malteses 

Instagram: @alix_potter

You may know her as: The British-born dancer and lead choreographer at Thailand’s top music and entertainment label, GMM Grammy, Alix is the mastermind behind the moves of various music videos and live performances by the likes of Bird Thongchai, Endorphine, Season Five, and Kang Vorakorn
Why we love her hair: “Alix has super long, super straight, super blonde —almost platinum— hair. When we say ‘blonde’, she is like, the ideal blonde: a dream to balayage with. It’s got amazing thickness and body as well.” - Billy, Hairstylist, The Lounge
Plaid windbreaker, LOUIS VUITTON | Cotton-blend suit and button-up shirt, all GIVENCHY | Silver rings, all HAUS OF JEWELRY

Anton Chulvanij + Jiko the Papillon 

Instagram: @half_moonbeats
You may know him as: The part-Vietnamese, part-Thai, part-French model who stealthily entered—and stole—the Bangkok fashion scene late last year. Anton also produces French rap and hip-hop tracks under the moniker, Half-Moon. Listen to his tracks here.
Why we love his hair: “Anton has the perfect ‘bed head’ and, of course, it comes with zero effort and zero products. He can tie it up, center part it, put it in cornrows, it just doesn’t go flat. The guy hears this a lot (and kinda hates it), but he’s pretty much got that young Edward Furlong tousle down pat.” - Kim, Fashion Editor, 2Mag

Silk-crepon dress, CHLOE | Faux fur collar and costume pearl hand bracelet, SRETSIS | Glass pearl necklace and cuff, CHANEL | Pink gold costume pearl rings, all HAUS OF JEWELRY | Gold-plated crown, O THONGTHAI
Gene Kodchakorn Prachumtes + Cassius the King Charles Spaniel

Instagram: @l.i.l.g.e.n.e
You may recognize her as: One the city’s fastest-rising faces who’s booked editorials, campaigns, and runway shows with, well, just about everyone. Gene is currently studying for a bachelor degree in Communication Arts at Rangsit University. 
Why we love her hair: “Gene’s long locks embodies all that is good about Asian hair: thick, full-bodied, with the right amount of natural waviness and volume. Plus, her ability to rock a blunt, baby bang —hands down one of the hardest hairstyle to pull off— is kind of amazing, not to mention a little enviable.” - Kim, Fashion Editor, 2Mag
Denim trousers, PALETTE
Daniel Grant + Wintertale and Warmertime the Samoyeds 

Instagram: @danielgranttt
You may recognize him as: The British-Thai professional world champion wakeboarder and wakeskater who calls Thai Wake Park his home turf. Since turning pro at the age of thirteen, Dan has won countless competitions and accolades, including Wake Award’s Best Wake Park Rider for five years running.
Why we love his hair: “Dan used to sport thick shoulder-length curls until last year, when his friend and fellow wakeboarder, Mackie Rosen, met with a freak riding accident, resulting in the loss of his leg. In a show of solidarity, Dan and his gang shaved off all their hair —he also released a web-edit, “Eclipse”, in an effort to raise funds for Mac’s prosthetic leg procedure. He’s now wearing it as a mini mohawk, which easily suits him.” - Billy, Hairstylist, The Lounge
Crepe dress, CELINE | Silver rings, all HAUS OF JEWELRY

Morgan Guth + Boon the Afghan Hound

Instagram: @thewelldressedworkout
You may know her as: The upbeat TRIBE instructor from down under, Morgan is also a yogi, ballet dancer, barre teacher, and founder of The Well-Dressed Work Out, a fitness-meets-fashion web platform focusing on the proper how’s and where’s (and what to wear) of working out.
Why we love her hair: “Morgan has incredibly unique hair texture, especially for a blonde. It behaves like Asian hair almost. Her natural color is quite striking as well; it’s this intriguing mix of hues that seem random yet come together quite perfectly.” - Billy, Hairstylist, The Lounge

Wool-blend blazer and knitted wool sweater, HUGO BOSS | Plaid cotton shirt, LOUIS VUITTON
Jeremiah Reilly + Toby the Brussels Griffin

Instagram: @plato734
You may know him as: The bartender at Blaq Lyte and Future Factory with the most well-appointed beard in the room, Jeremiah also works as a freelance architect and designer while running Whiskey and Denim, his web and social media platform covering all things whiskey and selvedge denim related.
Why we love his hair: “What strikes me most about Jeremiah is his full-on beard. I’m secretly jealous and want one. For me, a good beard is one that is abundant and has a good natural color. Jeremiah’s compliments his face nicely.” - Benya, Photographer
Printed silk crepe dress, glass pearl cuff and bracelet, all CHANEL | (on Jerry) Costume pearl choker, O THONGTHAI
Stephanie Pailin “Pai” Thiel + Jerry the Chinese Crested

Instagram: @zigaro
You may know her as: Part of Bangkok’s modeling new guard: best known her ever-changing hair colors and styles, largely courtesy of Hive Salon. Pai recently graduated from Dhurakij Bundit School with a bachelor's degree in fine arts (computer graphics) and, in between modeling jobs, works as a freelance graphic designer.
Why we love her hair: “Since entering the industry, Pai has had a whole lot done to her hair in the name of fashion. She’s gone long and platinum blonde (arguably the look that launched her career), then short and platinum blonde, then grey, then back to black, and now she’s sporting tinted cornrows. Her willingness to constantly change her look amidst strict and static Thai beauty ideals makes her one of our favorite models to work with.” - Kim, Fashion Editor, 2Mag