In a Sretsis Universe

The enchanted universe of Sretsis is brought to life in a collaboration with photographer Michal Pudelka and stylist Leith Clark, featuring the ethereal Eva Klimkova for FW17.

June 30, 2017
Our Issue 0 cover girls and members of The New Establishment List, the Sukhahuta sisters are as enchanting as the universe that they create. They spin a fairy tale with their fashion designs and the world that accompanies them to the degree that you wonder when a roller skating mermaid might pop up.
Behind the scenes of the Sretsis Fall-Winter 2017 shoot
After 15 years of Sretsis creations, season after season of clothes and accompanying worlds that are inspired by stories, myths, creatures of their imagination, and their personal journeys, FW 2017 feels like a turning point, a coming of age into womanhood. There is a change in the air and the move that the sisters made by collaborating with stylist Leith Clark, founder of Violet magazine and Fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar UK, is both striking and true to what they have become.

Leith is known for her powerful yet romantic, deeply feminine depiction of women. Leith’s girls are ethereal and enchanting, timeless, and beneath an exterior of gentle femininity, harbor strength. Together with Michal Pudelka, the Slovakian-born London-based photographer known for his otherworldly, powerful, and simultaneously feminine depiction of women and girls (most famously revealed in his campaigns for Valentino and work with Italian and Japanese Vogue), Leith presents the latest incarnation of the Sretsis world, one complete with a giant owl, the beautiful Eva Klimkova floating on a moon crater, and millions of stars illuminating a still lake. Just as mirrors reflect the shimmering water, these clothes are made for a woman who has come into her own reality but still dares to dream. Juxtaposition at its best, the campaign is testament to a super-team that created another world on location in a mystical and mysterious place that might as well be on the moon.

2Mag sat down with Michal to talk about his experience working with the Sretsis sisters and here is what he said…

Behind the scenes of the Sretsis Fall-Winter 2017 shoot
What were your first very impressions of the Sretsis sisters? How was it working with them?
I have to say that the Sretsis sisters are one of the most kind and amazing clients I ever worked for. They are not only very talented but also beautiful people. Of course I fell in love with them straight away. Our collaboration was very exciting, fun and enjoyable.

Despite your short trip, how would you describe Thailand?
Thailand is a very welcoming country, full of colors and flavors. The people are super nice and friendly. The atmosphere seems easy and relaxed. I love the traditional architecture in juxtaposition with modern buildings...  and the food - simply perfection.
Klyduan and Pimdao Sukhahuta in front of the new SRETSIS logo
Some key looks from the Fall-Winter 2017
What emotion would best describe your experience in Thailand?

Most memorable moment from your trip while working with the sisters?
Everything about this trip was pretty special, but the moment when the sisters invited us for breakfast at their fairy tale home is probably the most precious to me.

In tribute to the girls themselves, here is a little video from our cover shoot in the fall of 2017 that shows them at home in their own version of Neverland.