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Method Drinking: Be the Booze you Choose

Movie characters consume cocktails that invariably become associated with them (Think: What does James Bond drink?) Here’s a rundown on what film character you might be, based on what you drink.

July 20, 2017
By the time I was 21 years old, much of what I knew about drinking was fostered by film. Even my fraternity hellweek drew inspiration from both Animal House and Fandango (for the latter we buried a bottle of booze in the California desert). Many of today’s Millennials may be too young to have been inspired by the cult classics of my era (“Heineken? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!”) but some are probably California cool enough to order the occasional “Caucasian” in the parlance of The Dude.

I have no clue what Taylor Lautner film inspires today’s young people’s drink of choice, but whether you like it or not, what kind of drink you order says a lot about your personality. Therefore, in the interest of enlightening some of our cinema-savvy readers, we introduce “Method Drinking: Be the Booze you Choose”, where we have put together some film-cocktail references to give you an idea of what your drink order suggests about your character.

The drink: Orange Whip
Your film alter ego: Burton Mercer in The Blues Brothers
What it says about you: You may not know much about facial hair grooming or picking out a tasteful tie but you’re not afraid to take the lead, including what you (and everyone at your table) are going to drink. Sweet and spontaneous, much like this citrusy cocktail, it’s claimed that John Candy improvised the line in the movie.
Where you can get a good one: Let’s face facts: where else are you going to be able to order drink as obscure as an Orange Whip aside from the Friese-Greene Club, which offers an entire menu of film-based cocktails. We could have simply stolen their menu and offered that up as an article, but what would be the fun of that?!

The drink: Alaskan Polar Bear Heater
Your film alter ego: Buddy Love in The Nutty Professor
What it says about you: You’re a nice guy with a dangerous dark side. Only a man on a mission to cause some serious chaos is likely to order such a beverage. The bartender may even ask if you’re going to drink it or take it home and rub it on your chest. If you haven’t already turned into a raving lunatic before ordering this one, you will be after this five-shot monster of a drink.
Where you can get something close to one: The original cocktail is an inconsumable “two shots of vodka, a little rum, some bitters, a smidgen of vinegar, a shot of vermouth, a shot of gin, a little brandy, lemon peel, orange peel, cherry, more scotch." Rabbit Hole’s “mad-mixologist” Cha Cha can create a consumable version, though we are not sure if she still has her Alaskan Polar Bear Heater skills down in the snazzy Thong Lor establishment: give it a try either mixed and poured over ice in a tall glass as in the film or served in scientific equipment-inspired glassware as we did.