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Moments in Fashion: Manga Men

As the Spring/Summer 2018 shows have come to an end, 2Magazine picks six looks from our favorite brands that look like they’ve stepped right out of Japanese manga.

July 24, 2017

Black Jack x  Ann Demeulemeester
The sharp contrast between the grim leather coat and the delicate flower choker reminds us of the handsome Dr. Black Jack of the eponymous manga series.

Conan x APC
If Conan were real and living in today’s world, this is the outfit he would’ve picked. This look from APC (the coat, the print and the hat) will make Conan an extremely stylish detective!

GTO x Julien David
Who would’ve thought that Onizuka’s look will be seen on the fashion runway? Julien David brings out the bad boy in every man with sporty details in this season’s show.

Paradise Kiss x Balmain
George, an art-snob extraordinaire, is in love with fashion, and of course he would love this collection from Balmain. Who wouldn’t be impressed by the semi-couture details?

Tuxedo Mask x Dior Homme
Usagi’s sweetheart Mamoru Chiba embraces 2017 with a sharp and sporty look to keep up with the rushed lifestyle. Tuxedo Mask is ready to make girls swoon once again.

GeGeGe no Kitarō x Comme des Garcons
The cool ghost sports metallic hair. And those dolls hanging from the shirt? Très hip!