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My Essentials: Isawan Sutthinark

Freediver and designer Isawan Sutthinark is having the best of both worlds: underwater and on land.

April 09, 2017
My beauty secrets:
To kick start my day… I do stretches, drink warm water, and do a little bit of breathing exercise.
To fix beauty emergencies I… always keep my eyebrow pencil, Stila blush cream, and lip balm in the bag at all times.
To pamper myself… I go swimsuit shopping!
My signature scent is… the scent of Suntan Soul coconut oil.
Beauty products I can’t live without are… Bio Oil, Suntan Soul coconut oil, facial cream, sunscreen, and FRESH lip balm.

My life on the go:
Item(s) I can’t live without while traveling… Scarves, facial cream, and pillows.
Secrets to looking fresh off the plane… I use Stila blush cream.
Top organizational tip for a busy day… I start my day by organizing my desk. When it comes to prioritizing, if someone’s waiting, it has to be done first.
Favorite snack for staying healthy… @fitballsbkk raw food snacks!

Me, as a designer:
I draw inspiration from… what I've seen or places I have been to.
My favorite color to work with is… all shades of blue.
My fashion icon is… my mom.
If I could design a bag for anyone, it would be… Margaret Zhang.

My diving essentials:
I take underwater photos with… GoPro 4+.
The most beautiful picture I’ve taken is… from one of my favorite diving spot in the Surin Islands.
The song I think about when I’m diving is… “The Tide is High” by Blondie.
My favorite diving spot is… Surin Islands.

My home life:
When I need a break… I jump into the sea.
How I relax… Playing with my dog.
On staying happy… I have supportive family and friends.

My inspirations:
When I was little I wanted to be… a fashion designer.
I look up to… my mom.
I am currently working on… many things! Improving diving skills, teaching skills, yoga in the morning, and also working on a living and education project for Moken kids.