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New with Tags: Cerrut Taveechaiwattana

@cerrut_kid’s first time in his Thom Browne coat.

April 15, 2017
We all own that one piece of clothing that we HAD to have but, alas, have never worn. That one garment burning a hole in the back of our closet, a reminder of money spent on short-lived content, savored so sweetly for but a moment, only to never see the light of day again—till now, that is.

We challenged the fixtures of Bangkok’s fashion circuit, who cumulatively own more NWT (that’s “New With Tags” for the un-eBay-initiated) attire than a Club 21 sample sale, to dig out that one item from their wardrobe that they’ve never worn—yet can’t bear to part with—and, well, wear it!

Whether it was an impulse purchase, weight loss incentive, snap sale decision, or simply a case of particularly good changing room lighting, it doesn’t matter—they did the deed and now we want to see the dress. And then find out, more importantly, if they would wear it again or admit sartorial defeat? Stay tuned for each of our weekly, 9-part “New With Tags” episodes to find out.

Cerrut Taveechaiwattana, Entrepreneur
IG: @cerrut_kidd

What is the item?
A Thom Browne coat.

Where and why did you buy it?
At Siwilai in Central Embassy, Bangkok. I love the coat’s length, the size fits me, and the color is classic.

Why haven't you ever worn it?
Bangkok is too hot for this kind of outerwear, yet the coat is a bit too thin for real winters.

Now that you've worn it, will you wear it again?
Of course, if I have the chance to travel somewhere with good weather.

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