Pet Talk: A Day with Aladdin

An (imaginary) interview with Aladdin, Pongpat Pongpairoj's pet monkey.

April 18, 2017
Pongpat Pongpairoj (Aun) is quite an avid pet owner. He may be better known as “the cat master”, having won so many championships for his feline pedigrees; however, not everyone knows that his fascination for animals stretches way beyond cats. 2Magazine gets an exclusive interview with Aun’s latest furry obsessions, Aladdin and Jasmine.

“Aladdin’s my name and, before you ask, I’m totally not just a regular monkey: I’m a red-handed tamarin who lives with my owner Aun. Recently, I got a new friend, Jasmine, who is a red-handed tamarin like me. So sweet of Aun to find me a friend. I guess he was worried that I might be a bit lonely. How could I get lonely though? Before Jasmine, I may have been the only monkey here at Aun’s, but I should mention that I live with about 50 cats, a few tortoises, and a bunch of birds, including some albino peacocks and a pair of cranes! Oh, let’s not forget about those two parrots sitting by the entrance; they make funny sounds but people seem to like them. Aun loves animals, it almost feels as if I live in a zoo!”

“I do feel pretty special, though: Jasmine and I sleep in a cage in Aun’s bedroom. He also lets us play in the room next door, where some of the more special cats live. The rest of the cats live downstairs. So I’m never lonely in this house, as I play with the cats sometimes, but to be honest they just lie around sleeping most of the day. As for me, I’m quite energetic. I like to climb, so the cat room is super-fun: there are so many things to jump on and climb over. I bounce around from door frames to shelves to whoever’s shoulders are within my jumping range. I’m quite hyperactive, so I’m told.”

“My favorite spot to sit is on Aun’s shoulder. Sometimes I jump on and move around the room with him. He’s quite affectionate. He takes me out of the house once in awhile, too. It’s fun to do that, as Aun’s friends always gasp and look shocked with excitement to meet me—as if they haven’t met any other tamarins before.” (Rolls eyes.) “Honestly, I’m not sure why. Don’t many people have a monkey or two at home?”