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Pet Talk: A Day with Fanfan

Meet Fanfan the Ferret, Note Panayanggool’s roommate and pet.

March 09, 2017
When Note Panayanggool, aka Note The Star, kicks back at home, either by watching series or reading, she does so with a little friend. This little fella has an adorable, furry, white body that is pretty much never still. Meet Fanfan the ferret (IG @fanfantheferret), Note’s roommate and pet.

“It’s a pretty big deal that I’m Note’s pet. Apparently, she’s hugely famous. She used to take me to work with her, but not so much of late because, according to her, I’m a bit problematic. That’s totally an overstatement. I sleep, eat, and poo; those are the only things I do all day. It is only on occasion that I bounce up and down and dance from side to side to get her attention so that she plays with me.

Note is great. She’s my owner and also my toy. My one and only toy actually. She isn’t like one of those owners who keep you locked up in a tiny cage and only ever allow you out when they wish to play with you. She trusts me and lets me stray around the condo on my own free will. If I’m hungry, I can trot over to the balcony where my food and water bowls are. I can snuggle up and nap in any corner or any drawer. But personally, I prefer a cushy bag.

Speaking of bags, please also acknowledge my other eccentric behavior: I have a thing for wallets. When one is in close proximity, I go a bit cuckoo in the head. My ferret feet start to tingle and take on a life of their own. An unexplainable force comes over me and I start rummaging through a bag to retrieve a wallet. Don’t exactly know the reason behind this, but there is something magical about them rectangular things.”

As Fanfan the Ferret clambers atop Note’s head, they both appear to be in their own little bubble, which is really sweet. The pair actually do share some similarities: both are intelligent, friendly, and playful. Guess it is inevitable, after four years of close bonding, that the owner and pet start to mirror each other—personality-wise of course!