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Playlist: Yen Tech’s Bangkok Dreadlist

Ahead of Yen Tech’s highly anticipated live show at BEAM on June 21, we asked him to put together a playlist that would prepare us for a perfectly LIT Bangkok night, a play list he describes as his Bangkok Dreadlist.

June 18, 2017
Nick Newlin (aka Yen Tech), the artist behind the a sound best described as genre-breaking brutal sci-fi rap: a fusion of trap, rap, and boy-band that really goes beyond definition, is coming back to Bangkok. Last year he played at Korakrit Arunanondchai’s After Party at Whiteline, and the only words to describe it are LIT, HYPE, and just totally SICK (See video below to see what we mean).

So it’s safe to say that his sound is disruptive of our expectations and has made him an underground sensation from NYC to Berlin to Shanghai. His upcoming performance at BEAM, promises to be hot, steamy and hype. To get us ready for his performance, Yen Tech has put together a Bangkok Dreadlist of what can only be described as an atmosphere of hyped apocalyptic meltdown exclusively for 2Magazine. Ready to get lit!

“Hey here is a playlist I put together! Its pretty difficult to have a good flow with a list (altho I tried haha) so I decided to just do a mixture of artists I've been performing with or meeting on this Asia tour, as well as some other new music I find interesting right now. I def wanted to highlight some of the underground people in China, Taiwan, etc. that I've been coming into contact with who are making sick music. But there are also some European and American artists on the list, so its def not just Asia-centric. A bit of both I guess.” — Yen Tech
1. Dirty K - Pyroclasm

2. Dis Fig - Cypher x Ms Dynamite - Talk (Dis Fig blend)

3. Organ Tapes - Believer

4. Chief Keef - Round AF

5. Scintii - Papier (v1984 Heartcore Remix)

6. N-Prolenta - Cloister Zero

7. Noctilucents - Run With Me

8. Sega Bodega - Sun Loop (Angel Mix)

9. Tzusing-日出東方 唯我不 

10. Rabit & Elysia Crampton - After Woman (for Bartolina Sisa)

11. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto - Killing Hawk

12. RUI HO - Saga

13. Swan Meat - Animus1

14. Osheyack - Fiction
#fbf to Yen Tech’s performance at Whiteline
Yen Tech's performance will take place in BEAM's main room and is part REBELS event on Wednesday, June 21, 2017, along with a DJ set from Khan Thaitanium. This performance is the last stop of YEN TECH’s Asian tour 2017 and is co-presented by Bangkok CityCity Gallery.

The show begins at 9pm with free-flow sparkling wine for the ladies till 11pm and music till 2am: For Table RSVP & Special Packages ✆ 023927750