Princesses’ Fashion Diaries

Fed up with their old dresses, Disney princesses go to Bangkok, Thailand in search of sexier, summer-ier outfits that Bangkok Fashion Society (BFS) designers had recently unveiled. What will they pick? Let’s find out.

March 20, 2017
Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, a few fed-up Disney princesses had enough of wearing the same dresses for God knows how long. “It’s Spring/Summer, for crying out loud!” one said, “Why are we still wearing these stuffy puffy dresses?”

So off they went to Bangkok, Thailand in search of sexier, summer-ier outfits that Bangkok Fashion Society (BFS) designers had recently unveiled. What will they pick? Let’s find out.

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Ariel in Asava

About the collection: Resilient yet remarkably subtle, “The Realist” is a collection designed for women who have the full understanding of the mechanism of the world and never let anyone or anything dictate or influence their thoughts, visions, tastes, or—most importantly—styles.

Ariel says: “If I could become human and finally have my own legs, I’d probably still miss my mermaid tail, so this dress is just what I need. And enough of these skimpy bikini tops—I want something a bit more subtle, but with a hint of ocean inspiration to remind me of my home.”
Aurora in ASV

About the collection: Margaux Hemingway (granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway) is an icon for all women who love an American lifestyle. The “Margaux Louise Hemingway” collection is inspired by Cuba, while the brand still retains its New Yorker attitude.

Aurora says: “Well, you know, I sleep a lot, so it only makes sense for me to choose something comfy that I can sleep in. But then again, it has to look pretty enough because my prince could come anytime!”
Elsa in Patinya

About the collection: “Theory of Tides” is Patinya’s Pre-Spring 2017 collection. Inspired by the complicated emotions of the sea and the powerful waves, the silhouette of this collection is simple but mysterious, with a touch of ’70s sensuality.

Elsa says: “Oh, how I love summer! Finally I don’t have to be cold anymore! Now it’s time to show some skin, but, you know, in a princess-y way.”
Mulan in Painkiller

About the collection: “I Paint with Shapes” is inspired by the master of “minimal eclectic”, Alexander Calder. His works convey delicate balance and love of shapes, giving an impression of great poetry and playful airiness.

Mulan says: “Acting like a man is partly your apparel and partly your attitude. But then again, dressing like a man doesn’t have to be so boring. This outfit also leaves enough room for me to move freely—I have to practice my martial arts and all.”
Pocahontas in Vickteerut

About the collection: “Villa Egerton” that comes with freshness and the brand’s new interpretation of today’s women’s needs. Every must-have piece in this collection contains lightness, sweetness, simplicity, and contemporariness.

Pocahontas says: “Growing up amidst nature, I’m all for this collection. The color palette reminds me of the sandy beach I ran around on as a child. It says strong, but it also says feminine.”
Belle in Milin

About the collection: “Go Glamping” collection comes in a color palette inspired by the desert: sundown orange, desert yellow, haze gray, and nightfall violet, including the basic black and white. Elegant, glamorous, and adventurous, this collection takes you to a new destination: the Sonoran Desert in the US.

Belle says: “Yellow is, like, my color. It’s nice to change out of such a big dress into something slimmer and lighter for a change.”
Jasmine in Kloset

About the collection: “If You Want the Rainbow” is inspired by traditional Indian garments: a perfect combination of many interesting details, such as golden lace, silk embroidery, and rainbow, which is a symbol of hope and happiness after the storm.

Jasmine says: “Indian garments are definitely my thing. The pants are also comfy: great for riding the magic carpet.”
Cinderella in Greyhound

About the collection: Who doesn’t love the ’90s? “If I was Born in ’90s” is a new collection from the iconic ’90s brand Greyhound. References include a Kurt Cobain’s concert, Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo & Juliet, and sporty trends.

Cinderella says: “I cook and clean all day, but I also want to look chic. This is something I can imagine myself in. I can wear it to do some grocery shopping, and look awesome doing it.”
Snow White in TandT

About the collection: The collection is inspired by a novel called Secret Garden. It projects the idea of urban people living close to nature, scented with the beauty of simplicity and the countryside.

Snow white says: “The countryside is so me. I love to be close to nature and sing to the birds. I’m sure my stepmother will be so envious seeing me in this because she definitely can’t pull off this look!”
Tiana in Issue

About the collection: Explore the city of Malacca and its colorful cultures. Issue is known for bold prints, and this collection doesn’t disappoint. From tiger prints to florals, this collection is perfect for summer.

Tiana says: “Imagine dancing to jazz music in this outfit! I also love the nature-inspired prints, and I’m sure my prince will appreciate it as well.”
These collections are "See Now Buy Now", which means they are available immediately after the show on March 9. Check them out at Qurator, The EmQuartier.