Project: Egg Picnic at Wonderfruit Festival 2017

Art + Eggs = Sustainable jobs as 2Magazine and Ong Kongpat team up on a Thai omelette truck at Wonderfruit to support SATI non-profit’s development program for at-risk youths.

January 20, 2017
Our version of khao kai jiew, Thailand’s favorite dish, will use the best organic ingredients available.

We invite you to take part in a food/art installation for a cause. We need your support so that artist Ong Kongpat can turn a vehicle/truck into an organic khao khai jeaw (deep-fried Thai omelette rice) station and picnic area for the Wonderfruit festival, which takes place just outside Pattaya from February 16 to 19, 2017.

The Egg Picnic was inspired by the idea that we could create something really fun that would combine sustainable produce with art, engaging everyone by filling their hearts with wonder and satisfying their tummies with organic deliciousness. That is why we are joining forces with the renowned Pop artist Ong Kongpat to crowdfund this project to create the first egg station/picnic of its kind that will serve organic Khao Kai Jiew – Thai omelette rice.

With Ong’s creative vision and your support, we will turn an old vehicle into something functional and fun so that everyone at Wonderfruit will have a chance to enjoy the most delicious organic Khao Kai Jiew and have a break from the action in our picnic area. Our version of Khao Kai Jiew, Thailand’s favorite dish, will use the best organic ingredients available. The eggs and rice will be donated by Hilltribe Organics - a social enterprise that empowers hilltribes in Chiang Rai by giving them the tools to earn an alternative source of income from organic farming.

Hilltribe Organics works with rural farmers by supplying them with livestock, animal feed, and other farming necessities. For Hilltribe Organic Eggs, the hilltribe families are given hens that they raise to lay organic eggs. Hilltribe Organics buys all the farmers’ produce and invites agricultural experts to educate them about organic farming to ensure that their produce is safe for the consumers and friendly to the environment.

With the support of Hilltribe Organics, we are able to donate all the proceeds from the sale of the khao khai jeaw at our Egg Picnic to SATI Non-Profit, an organization that supports underprivileged and at-risk youths in Bangkok and beyond. SATI finds sustainable ways to improve living standards and creates future opportunities for these youths through education and preventive healthcare.
The funds from our Egg Picnic will be used to start a PILOT project between SATI and Hilltribe Organics in which the hilltribe children learn how to raise hens to lay eggs that they can sell in the market, thus learning a new skill and earning an alternative source of income.

You can support the Egg Picnic through our fundraising campaign here at Bringing the Egg Picnic to life through your generous support does not only mean creating a cool installation and delicious Khao Khai Jiew at Wonderfruit but also supporting SATI Non-Profit for underprivileged and at-risk youths in Chiang Rai.

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