Ruabai Kanjanavanij's Burning Love Playlist

The first of our Soundtracks columns, in which we ask creative minds to pair their works with a relevant tune, Ruabai Kanjanavanij picks a soundtrack to his photographic creations in “Burning Love”.

November 30, 2016

Ram “Ruabai” Kanjanavanit first developed an interest in nature and photography and then found his artistic passion flourishing as a student at the International Center of Photography New York, where he went on to work as a teaching assistant in History of Photography in order to help foster a younger generation of artists under the academic rigors that shaped him into a creative diamond. Over the years Ram has also had the opportunity to cover three seasons of New York Fashion Week for Harper’s Bazaar Thailand. Earlier this year, Ram came home for his first solo show, “Burning Love”, at Kathmandu Photo Gallery. 

Ram’s photographic exhibition, a series of romantic anti-romantic photos, is a part of Project New Visions, the gallery’s quest for exciting new photography in Thailand, starting with “Burning Love”, a collection of images seared with a great yearning to break free of Designer Romance and all the lifestyle choices that it implies. The series is showing at Kathmandu Photo Gallery until December 28. We ask him to join our Soundtracks column, in which we ask creative minds to pair their works with a relevant tune. Here’s the soundtrack to his photographic creations.

Song : ปรากฏการณ์ ("Prakotkarn”) - Apartment Khunpa
I love your height more than your words
I love your lips more than your height
I love your freckles more than your lips
l love your eyes more than your freckles
l love the fact that you

Song : Philosophy of time travel - Michael Andrews
I painted all over your face. How does it feel?...

Song : Girl - The Beatles
What you hear is not always the truth.
What you’ve seen is in the past.
Reality is in the wind that sweeps past as you move along.

Song : Friends - Mychael Danna & Rob Simonsen
The answer will come when we deserve one.

Song : ไม่แคร์ (Don’t Care) - Flure feat. Ben Chalatit
When people are crying, angry or confused…. I laugh