SKY : a Faces|Now Exhibition

Images detailing reflection, interaction and aspiration adorn the walls of Case Space Revolution, the new art space above Broccoli Revolution on Sukhumvit Soi 49.

December 08, 2016
Faces/Now was launched in 2015 as a photographic exhibition exploring identity and immediacy, in collaboration with nine of Thailand’s most renowned fashion photographers submitting images representing the themes faces and now. The impressions of the pictures from Bangkok’s best lenses, and the success of the event, opened the potential for extending the scope of Faces/Now into the future.

2magazine worked with SATI Non-Profit to find parallels between the exhibition format and the charitable work of SATI. The Faces/Now Art Therapy Program was born of the desire to represent a new generation of photographers, and offer disadvantaged youth a creative skillset in an expressive medium. The 12-week Art Therapy program was conducted by 2magazine and SATI at the Hub Saidek, a drop-in centre for homeless and at-risk youth in Yaowarat. With the help of some of Bangkok’s professional photographers acting as mentors to the willing young students, The Faces/Now Art Therapy Program gave a chance to share skills, knowledge, and experiences of the mentors’ and students’ worlds.

A selection of images produced in the Program are exhibited at Case Space Revolution, the newly-minted gallery space above Broccoli Revolution on Sukhumvit Soi 49. The selected photographs created by students and mentors represent the themes of aspiration, reflection, and interaction.
The students came to The Hub Saidek from a collection of difficult personal circumstances. One week saw a student appear bearing fresh wounds from a street mugging. Other students went missing between sessions. The necessity of the program for students and mentors became immediately apparent: these children needed a chance to be children, shielded from the harsh realities of their everyday circumstances. Sakson Rouypirom, SATI founder, explains ,“We let them take their selfies and photos of their friends because we wanted to encourage them to do what makes them happy. Then, after they’d done that, we gave them some advice and tweaks to make the end result even better with subtle changes. And we inadvertently built a skill set for these kids.”

When the students were given cameras, the images spoke volumes. When the students were put in front of the lens, they shone. Benya Hegenbarth, Chut Janthachotibutr, Nick McGrath, and Philip Huang spent an afternoon carefully directing and documenting a fashion shoot. Supported by a full ensemble of make-up artists led by by Amata “Pearypie” Chittasenee, hair stylists led by Thanik Setthakulthamrong, stylists led by Kim Visudharomn, O Thongthai and FACES/NOW regular volunteer Diloklarp "Him" Janthachotbutr, the willing models experienced life on set. And became for the models, their essence captured by the well-trained eyes of their mentors on the program.
The exhibition was launched on Thursday November 24, 2016 with a gathering of volunteers, photographers, students and the public. The students from The Hub Saidek had a chance to see their images – produced as part of the Art Therapy Program without any intended exhibition use – and learned the ropes of curation, exhibition and creative expression in the art world. In the evening, visitors were encouraged to reflect on the images of the Art Therapy Program participants and challenge their pre-held views of disadvantaged youth from one of Bangkok’s most deprived areas. Visitors included Kanachai “Kit” Bencharongkul, Pattree “Cherry” Bhakdibutr, Sappasit “Pow” Foongfaungchaveng, and Bhubawit “Roj” Kritpholnara. Vivid, creative reflections of their lives and experiences are shared in imagery from behind and in front of the lens – piecing together a broad and unique view of the world of Bangkok’s street youth.

SKY: A Faces/Now Exhibition is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11:00 - 19:00 until December 24th at Case Space Revolution, upstairs from Broccoli Revolution on the corner of Sukhumvit Road and Soi 49.