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Say Cheese to Pablo Cheese Tart

This sweet new obsession is so cheesy, but it sure is worth the guilt. Thai dessert fans can finally taste the oozing cheese, delicate crust, and delicious aroma of Pablo's cheese tarts.

December 08, 2016
It usually only takes one simple question to make the greatest inventions of all time, like, you know, how the Wright brothers wondered if humans could fly. And here’s an invention that changed a lot of things (your blood cholesterol level, for one) – Pablo cheese tart – which also stemmed from a seemingly basic yet undeniably creative question, “What if we could chose baking doneness of cheese tart?”

It was Mr. Masamitsu Sakimoto, CEO and founder of Pablo, the first branch of which emerged in Umeda, Osaka in April 2011. Now, after five long years of coveting friends who travelled to Japan and tried these little yummies, Thai dessert fans can finally taste the oozing cheese, delicate crust and delicious aroma of the iconic 15 cm baby, covered with apricot jam with a rich cheese batter. But there’s more to get excited about, as the brand also brings other sizes and flavors, as well as tempting drinks to tickle your fancy.

Check out Pablo today on G floor of Siam Paragon (just follow the long queue – you can’t miss it). Find out more at PabloCheesetartThailand.