Seven Decades of Ferrari in Seven Film Appearances

As the prancing horse celebrates 70 years of crafting fine vehicles, 2magazine looks at 7 iconic Ferrari appearance in good, if not great, films.

April 03, 2017
The house that Enzo built is winding up its 70th anniversary celebrations around the globe—a program that saw the unveiling of the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, an historic collection of 70 one-off homage models, and collector-focused events painting every corner of earth in rosso corsa.

Happy anniversary, Ferrari. If we haven’t said it before, thank you for seven decades of vehicular art that embodies the passion, finesse, and performance first displayed by founder Enzo Ferrari back in 1947.

Filmmakers, directors, and artists have, for the most part, shied away from starring Ferrari models without a concrete reason for their inclusion. Bond has the Aston Martin, Doc has the DeLorean, The Hazzard boys the Charger, and Homer Simpson has… the Homer. Ferrari has only once been tied to a franchise and it was so successful that the factory gifted a brand new Testarossa to the production that elevated the brand in the US: Miami Vice. As is befitting the marque, we have collected some iconic film appearances of the world’s most imposing car maker. Here are seven Ferraris that made a serious impact on the silver screen:
365 GTS/4 Daytona Spyder in Rain Man

#7: 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spyder in Rain Man
While a 1949 Buick Roadmaster plays the central role in Rain Man, a collection of cars make up the impressive automotive scenery in this 1988 best-picture. Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) makes his living importing fine italian sports cars, including the unmistakeable classic Daytona Spyder.

#6: 348 Spider in Showgirls
Showgirls sits among the ranks of the ultimate middle-aged male trash flicks of the ’90s. Besides the boobs, booze, and broads, the film features many titillating macho signifiers — including the iconic 348 spider driven by Zack Carey.

F355 GTS in Goldeneye
#5: F355 GTS in Goldeneye
Even the Aston Martin-addicted Bond franchise can’t escape the charm of the prancing horse. In Goldeneye, Pierce Brosnan’s Bond is led on a high-speed alpine car chase by Miss Onatopp in an eye-watering F355 GTS. She was never going to win the chase but it’s nice to see the Italian counterpart hold its own against the equally-impressive DB5.

#4: Mondial T Cabriolet in Scent of a Woman
It’s a good thing Al Pacino’s character Frank Slade is blind, or he might realize he is behind the wheel of what has been universally labelled Ferrari’s worst model. Still, the lack of sight allows Frank, and us, to savor the delicious growl of the drop-top Mondial’s 3.4L V8.

Mondial T Cabriolet in Scent of a Woman

#3: 250 GT Berlinetta in The Love Bug
I can hear you gasping already. Herbie the Volkswagen Beetle is the star of The Love Bug, right? Watch again, and see if your mind changes from the moment the 1959 250 GT Berlinetta appears on screen.

250 GT Berlinetta in The Love Bug

#2: 250 GTO in Vanilla Sky
It may not rank in the mind of film critics, but Vanilla Sky does harbor one of Ferrari’s most incredible cinematic moments. David Aames (Tom Cruise) makes his way to work in a gorgeous Ferrari 250 GTO, only to find a Times Square completely devoid of people. To film this scene, the production company was granted permission to shut down Times Square for an hour after sunrise on a Sunday morning, giving Tom Cruise another enviable moment in a classic Ferrari. He destroys it later in the film.

250 GTO in Vanilla Sky
250 GT California Spyder in Ferris Bueller's Day Off
#1: 250 GT California Spyder in Ferris Bueller's Day Off
We weren’t going to skip this one. The classic 250 GT is, in essence, the star of this 1980s cult classic. The film’s production used three perfect replicas of the impossibly-rare 1961 droptop 250 GT California, which makes the destruction of the car at the end of the film easier to swallow. Only a little.