Soundtracks to Wedding Dresses

Seven Thai designers offer us their interpretations of a wedding, a wedding dress, and a soundtrack to describe their designs.

February 09, 2017
Seven wedding dresses and soundtracks
For a woman, her wedding dress is likely to be the most expensive and lavish item of clothing that she will ever buy in her life: a cherished possession that is her pride, joy, and entire being. For designers, designing a wedding dress is the ultimate test of creativity. It is, in a way, an art project in its own right. 2Magazine assigned seven Thai designers to design a wedding dress (and for Greyhound, a wedding costume for the groom) that conveyed their interpretation of a wedding, and to give us a soundtrack to describe their designs.

Greyhound Original
Concept: We got the inspiration for the groom’s wedding attire from wedding costumes in the ’60s, a period best represented by guys like John Lennon and Mick Jagger. These young musicians had a different sense of style. To them, clothes expressed the idea of independence, and that aspect is mixed into the wedding dress. We make it more formal by using suit jacket, vest, and cuffed pants, styled down with sneakers or even wearing a turtleneck shirt inside.
Soundtrack: “Be My Baby” by John Lennon. The soulful voice and the passion in the punk-style volume make it a powerful love song that reflects the attitude and chemistry of the outfit we’ve sketched. The song reminds us of a lovestruck man with a punk attitude.

Concept: One word: fierce.
Soundtrack: “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, inspired by my own wedding. My husband surprised me with this song at my wedding, so I think this song represents a Milin bride.

Concept: People are now more open about different kinds of love. For instance, same sex marriage is more accepted, and with the internet, people are more open about their relationships. So, we think about a female-female marriage. Two women help each other pick out the dress and have fun doing so –it’s something a male groom probably wouldn’t enjoy or understand as much. We use lace, which is the signature of the brand, and maintain other signatures of the brand including the embellishment and details.  
Soundtrack: “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxsie And The Banshees. A TandT girl loves movies and songs. She likes to have fun, and her wedding will be a fun memory as well.

Concept: A rebellious spin on the classic is something you should try on your big day. Because classic can be daring and not boring. For a modern and forward-thinking bride, courtesy of Asava, of course.
Soundtrack: Adele wrote this song by using Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” from The Spy Who Loved Me as an inspiration. This song conveys love in different emotions –happy, sad, and romantic. And that’s what you experience in a marriage.

Vickteerut The Marriage
Concept: With the core idea of romantic love, VICKTEERUT interpreted star dust into the embroidered detail on a silk chiffon wedding gown with the modern bride silhouette.
Soundtrack: “All I See” by Kylie Minogue is a fun song that talks about love in a straightforward manner –not too over the top, but with beautiful messages. It’s what a wedding dress should be –simple, meaningful, and with just a touch of femininity.

Concept: This design speaks of a bride’s natural beauty: pure, innocent, with  a touch of quirkiness. It is inspired by colors and textures of nature: very tactile and organic, subtle but with an unusual taste of touch. She smells of fresh air after the rain in a rose garden; earthy but fresh at the same time.
Soundtrack: “Alaska” by Maggie Rogers is a song that has a cool melody. It puts me in a good mood and I never get bored listening to it. That’s how love should be.

Concept: “I paint the flowers so they will not die” is an everlasting quote by the influential painter Frida Kahlo. Kahlo inspires Kloset’s floral details in every season. We add the floral details into the wedding dress to define the meaning of everlasting love. Anemone flower made by organza fabric is put in a lace tulle dress to personify Kahlo’s concept of flower never withering.
Soundtrack: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Diana Ross gives a feeling of power, earnestness, and honesty. Her voice reminds us of women’s freedom and right to love. On the wedding day, I want to see a Kloset bride happy and graceful, like a sun that makes the mountains come alive.