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Summer Dining at Unclebrother

It’s summer in NY which means the reopening of Rirkrit Tiravanija’s and Gavin Brown’s Unclebrother in Hancock, NY, now in its third summer. We look back at an interview we had just before it opened in 2015.

June 02, 2017
Summer 2015 witnessed the opening of The Unclebrother gallery/restaurant/space founded by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija and gallerist Gavin Brown in Hancock New York. TwoMag took a look at Unclebrother just as it was set to open.
What is Unclebrother?
Unclebrother is a kitchen and rooms beyond with art. If the kitchen is the sun then the artwork are the planets orbiting that sun.

Where is it?
Unclebrother is in Hancock, NY, on the banks of the East Branch of the Delaware River, just before it joins the West Branch and becomes, simply, the Delaware River.

Why the name Unclebrother?
We don’t know. Perhaps because these are terms one applies to others who are close but not family. To those with whom we have common experience. To those we respect, as fellow travelers on the same road.

Is it just Rirkrit and Gavin? Any other collaborators?
There are many people involved in Unclebrother who wish to see it thrive. But the main protagonists in this are Rirkrit and Gavin.

What will it show?
We don't know. Yet. The group of artwork there now reveals itself to have great affinity. To be magical and hallucinogenic, each in its own way.

What food will it serve?
Mostly what is within arms reach.

To us, this means expect delicious food, all weekend and the best company. This spells - get out of the city, go to Hancock! For more info follow @therealunclebrother