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2Mag celebrates the “SPEEDMASTER 60th ANNIVERSARY” at an exclusive Omega exhibition featuring the history of the Omega Speedmaster, the first NASA-certified timepiece for all space missions

August 30, 2017
Let’s go back in time to the day when the first Omega Speedmaster watch was introduced in 1957, exactly 60 years ago, through the  “SPEEDMASTER 60th ANNIVERSARY” exhibition. This unique exhibition presents the challenges of traveling in outer space and the exquisite quality of the Speedmaster, with a focus on its stellar turn as the first watch on the Moon.

There are 12 additional rare masterpieces brought in from the Omega Museum just for this occasion: the first such exhibition to show in Thailand. Here are some of the best moments we captured from the exhibition, which ran from August 24 - 29, and the party, to which 2Mag invited our nearest and dearest friends and Omega fans to join the fun.