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Teerut Wongwatanasin’s First Activewear Collection

Teerut Wongwatanasin of Vickteerut finds his new calling as a yoga instructor, and there’s a reason why we should be excited about it.

March 16, 2017

Designing activewear is, in a way, a natural progression for Teerut Wongwatanasin (aka Vick), founder and designer of Vickteerut. It’s a marriage between his two passions: fashion and yoga.

Launching today at, V Activewear is a result of his new lifestyle, which incorporates almost-daily yoga practice.

“I played a lot of badminton, and that messed up my knees so I turned to yoga. I fell in love with it, the way it helps me connect with myself and focus on the present,” says Teerut.

The way he moves shows how hard he has worked—when he jumps forward from downward dog, he literally floats and glides gracefully in the air, a motion that can only be achieved through serious, dedicated practice. Always up for a challenge, Teerut is most drawn to Ashtanga yoga, which is an intensely physical and athletic style of yoga.

In addition to being a celebrated designer, Teerut is also now a yoga instructor, having recently finished an instructor training course, and he has been offering private classes to the nearest and dearest to test out this new possibility.

“Being a yoga instructor is not easy. Before you’re qualified, you have to learn the anatomy of the human body and the philosophy behind yoga, both of which are very complicated. You have to know every possible danger of each pose so that you can prevent it from happening to your students. That said, I love everything about it, and I’m thinking about pursuing this path seriously.”

The idea to start an activewear line came to him when he realized that he, as well as many other workout lovers, practically lives in activewear these days. V Activewear took two full months to design and produce, and now the first collection is about to be unveiled.

“There are 10 items in this collection, all in black and white. The concept is to design something timeless and practical—items that you could wear for years. The collection has a tailored feeling to it and resonates with what Vickteerut is all about: simple elegance. It is also incredibly functional. You can do yoga, swim, gym, or play outdoors in it—the fabric offers UV protection.”
Teerut believes in the power of well-designed activewear. “There’s an emotional part—when you wear beautiful activewear, you feel confident and inspired to exercise—and there’s also a performance part: good design and fabrics help you perform better.”

Check out the first collection of V Activewear at A small selection is also available at Ashtanga Samasthiti Yoga Studio at Grande Centrepoint Hotel, Thonglor 8.

Credit: Special thanks to Ashtanga Samasthiti Yoga Studio at Grande Centrepoint Hotel, Thonglor 8.