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The Green Team

Meet the new Erb it-girls as they dance, strut, and swagger their way through the new Erb Green Bag Effect campaign.

Story & Styling
July 19, 2017
So, if you’ve been scrolling through Instagram for the past couple of weeks (admit it—you hit refresh every 10 minutes anyway), chances are you’ve probably picked up on the buzz around a certain green bag. Giant ones were dispatched; GIFs were made; and many, many bags of varying sizes—dangling from pinkies to fit-for-an-entire-person-plus-their-dog—were mobilized in the making of Erb’s “Green Bag Effect” campaign. And sure enough, those signature, saturated green bags soon flooded the feeds of Bangkok’s most prominent designers, editors, models, musicians and personalities. Yep, green was definitely getting a whole lot of attention.

When she first started giving out these humble paper bags to all her clients, Erb founder Pattree “Cherry” Bhakdibutr began to notice a pattern. Her friends and fans would constantly send photos of themselves alongside their happy purchases, all neatly packaged in—what else?—Erb’s striking green bags. Like Selfridges’ unmistakable yellow shoppers or Miu Miu’s gently muted pink packages, little ol’ Erb had found itself the perfect color palette.

Fast forward to June 29, 2017. Cherry and the Erb family drop the “Erb Green Bag Effect,” starring a new generation of Erb It Girls, all with varying vocations, interests and their own distinct yet undeniable allure. Praewa is the drummer of all-girl band, Yellowfang, regularly DJs at lively fashion parties, and runs her own glitter tattoo service, WibWabWub. Fern is a model known by her blue dip-dyed bob, waifish figure, and ability to emanate effortless cool without any of the conceit. Birdie, a rather seasoned society sweetheart who’s done the rounds of magazine shoots and covers, is carving out her own career as a jewelry and accessories designer to prove that she’s more than just a pretty face. Kamm is a vintage enthusiast with her own shop, Nifty Fifties; petite and put-together like a pin-up bombshell transplanted in the middle of modern day Bangkok, her unmistakable style and even more unmistakable sense of humor making her one fashionable firecracker. Mulee, who is currently studying for a masters in Fashion Promotion and Communications at London’s Istituto Marangoni, has long been a cherished face on the local fashion scene, loved for her fun and fiery youthfulness as well as her innate and unapologetic sense of style. And finally Mai, the youngest of three strong, independent, and impeccably dressed Piyasombatkul sisters, is currently pursuing her masters in Management and Human Resource at London School of Economics and beginning to immerse herself in the family business.
As “Erb Green Bag Effect” unfolded, they danced, strutted, and swaggered their way through a maze of green bags. And as the campaign progressed, Erb initiated short, snappy dialogues with each girl about beauty. Simple, even silly, yet thought-provoking questions were asked—“How old were you when you started wearing makeup?”, “What’s the biggest “beauty mistake” you’ve ever made?”, etc.—with some very surprising, insightful, self-deprecating, and even sillier answers. Celebrating awkward phases, embracing imperfections, and having fun with beauty, that’s what the next chapter of Erb is all about.