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The Rise of: Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia

Our young-yet-already-accomplished series continues with the design duo Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, co-creative directors of Oscar de la Renta and co-founders of Monse.

July 21, 2017
“The Rise of…” is not simply a series about the young-bloods out there but rather a light we choose to shine on new players in a given scene who contribute something novel and unique to the mix, including those we think are poised to break out and those you simply ought to know about regardless of their tenure, background, or forte.

Designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia might be new to some and known to others as the founders of the fashion brand Monse, launched in 2015. Others may know them as the couple (yes a romantic one too) who met while both worked at Oscar de la Renta. 

A Pratt alumnus, Laura interned at multiple brands during her studies funded in part by scholarships from the CFDA and Fashion Group International. The now-soon-to-be 35 year old South Korean designer landed a role at de la Renta, where she stayed for 12 years as co-creator and design director.

Laura’s other half, Fernando, graduated from Notre Dame in architecture, only deciding later in life to apply himself to fashion. The Spanish-reared talent was personally asked to intern by de la Renta himself, where the now-soon-to-be 30 year old stayed on for six years, working up the ranks to become senior designer at the esteemed fashion house. 

Monse, along with its creators Laura and Fernando, quickly gained recognition after their initial brand launch with their clothes adorning Hollywood A-listers and fashion’s “It crowd.” With the brand’s tremendous success and a growing following, the Monse duo was later appointed Co-Creative Directors of the iconic fashion house they once worked in late 2016 after a quick stint at Carolina Herrera --this is actually a long story… just Google it.

Their debut collection for de la Renta,  Fall/Winter 2017, was a joint runway show with Monse, showcasing their skill and talent and establishing their place at the upper echelon of the fashion world despite being in the very early stages of their own brand development and relatively new to their roles at the helm of Oscar de la Renta. With the reigns of two fashion brands now at their fingertips we can only imagine what’s forthcoming and look forward to where the duo will take us next.

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