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The Rise of: RyuPeco

Instagram stars and Japan's hottest power couple RyuPeco will make you re-write your #couplegoal.

May 15, 2017
You know your couple is the real deal when you have a collective name, like Brangelina and Kimye. Trust us, if Romeo and Juliet were alive in this day and age, #Romeliet would be trending like crazy. Thus, we introduce Tetsuko “Pecorin” Okuhira (@pecotecooo) and Ryuji “Ryucheru” Higa (@ryuzi33world929), a stylish Japanese couple who collectively have around two million followers on Instagram, and have become known as RyuPeco (りゅうぺこ), a combination of the couple’s names: Pecorin (ぺこりん) and Ryucheru (りゅうちぇる).
Tetsuko “Pecorin” Okuhira and Ryuji “Ryucheru” Higa
What makes Japan's hottest power couple stand out and grant them global Instagram fame are their happy-go-lucky character and sugary-sweet fashion. Ryucheru is a male model known for his “genderless” look, like one of Harajuku’s genderless kawaii boys, always wearing colorful clothing, makeup, and hair dye—you know, the whole genderless kei package. Twenty-two year old Pecorin started her musical career with the single “Peco Ondo" and, to describe her style, she looks like she’s stepped out of a candy store—or perhaps a Barbie Dreamhouse.

The celeb couple is always seen wearing matching outfits in vibrant hues, with their hair dyed the same color too. Together, they have numerous TV appearances and even have their own merchandise—because who wouldn’t want to wear colorful, designed-for-couples, extremely kawaii items? You can get RyuPeco inspired tote bags, matching tees, sandals, and much more. And of course, the couple have their own cartoon characters, Pecorin as a cat and Ryucheru as a mouse: what go together better than those two? Now that’s an aspiring #couplegoal for Millennials.
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