This Just In: Nike Air Max 1 Master

Nike celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 1 with Air Max 1 "Master".

March 14, 2017

When we received a press release for the new Nike Air Max Master 1 drop this past weekend we realized that the sneaker world does not stop. Sneaker drops are now a global thing: with the Internet, we can click, purchase, and (if you don’t want to deal with the ridiculous taxes that countries like Thailand incur) send them to an overseas friend and then wait for them to carry the kicks home for you. Better yet, we were so happy to learn that Nike Thailand is more active than ever in bringing us the good stuff: namely, this weekend’s Air Max 1 Master drop here in Bangkok. Featuring the company of Thaitanium, the event was a meet and greet of the city’s hip hop mavens, in addition to  the coveted sneaker.

So, about the Air Max Master 1: It’s “a Master” in that it brings together what is considered the best of the Air Maxes of all time, including different elements of the most beloved designs and successful collaborations, from the original red and blue editions of 30 years ago to the Atmos x Air Max 1 ‘Safari’. Even the detailing on the Swoosh is a nod to the most coveted Air Max 1 styles of the past decade (think Kid Robot x Air Max 1, Atmos x Air Max 2 Supreme ‘Safari’ et al.). All this just in time to celebrate the Air Max’s 30th Anniversary—the first of many super-fresh drops to celebrate its 30th birthday, we would think.

For now, we are happy to meet the Master and get our happy feet in some.