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This Just In: Reebok Instapump meets Doraemon

Two '90s dreams rolled into one as Reebok Instapump Fury meets Japan's beloved robot cat Doraemon.

March 03, 2017
If ever there were a cat that we wanted to meet, one who would be able to grant our wishes or help us out when we are in a stitch, it would be Doraemon, the blue robot cat from the 22nd century who traveled back in time to help a boy called Nobita Nobi in Tokyo.

Doraemon, a character created by Fujiko F Fujio, has magical gadgets in his fourth-dimensional pocket, which are really anything you could think of that would help your dreams come true or solve a problem. For Nobita, this was required on a daily basis as Doraemon helped him with his homework, fend off bullies, or butter up his often-bad-tempered mother. His favorite snack was the Dorayaki, which was dubbed in Thailand “khanom Doraemon” or Doraemon Snack, which was available first at a Japanese department store called Daimaru that will soon be part of Gaysorn Village.
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Doraemon forms a vivid part of our childhood memories: very fond memories, especially if you were born pre-'90s. He became the friend we all wanted to have through the comic books and anime series that Fujio drew.

So when another icon of our youth, the Reebok Pump, does a collaboration featuring that much-beloved cat with the sneaker shop ATMOS, all we can do is freak out and be excited, even if the sneaker itself is furry and blue with a yellow bell as a Pump (otherwise read as fugly). Then again, that kind of ugly-yet-cute thing is very much now and on point (to go with all that Champion and LA Gear you’ve recently acquired/dug up), definitely necessary to relive those '90s days. For those who were not old enough the first time around to revel in the joys of pumping up your shoes or enjoy Doraemon, this is your chance to live the dream.

The ATMOS X Packer X Reebok Instapump Fury "Doraemon" sneaker is available now at