We were Born in the Reign of King Rama IX

We remember why he will always be in our hearts coming up to the first anniversary of his majesty's death and the royal cremation on October 26th. This is from our Issue 0.

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October 11, 2017
In an age when the Renaissance Man is few and far between, we remember the man who inspires us, collectively, to hope and aspire to greatness, to be the best we can be and know that should we put our hearts and minds to something, we too can achieve  anything. We remember our King Bhumipol as this man, one who inspired us to greatness who as a King, was a true Renaissance King. Living in this time of flux and confusion, in a year when the unexpected happened, a year which made us stop and question where we are, our guiding light is in remembering what our beloved King stood for and how he inspires us, daily. His memory living on.

During the 70 years of his reign, our country and the world changed immensely; Thailand went from a rural country to one which although still rural is highly connected through the digital realm and technology. We are at the center of SE Asia.  And Bangkok is a metropolis of shiny skyscrapers and hyper-connectivity; next to glistening temples and wet-markets. Our virtual connections are strong and in these days of being uprooted from the Earth and suspended with fibre optics, these invisible fibres that penetrate our living space detaching us from the land; he reminded us that our connection to the land is historic, stronger and more profound than any wires. Our King reminded us and showed us that life can be lived by working in harmony with the and the Earth. That science, language, philosophy and art can be in harmony and in fact these seemingly disparate practices in this modern age, are actually united at the core.

To live from the land one relies on the forces of Mother Nature, in Isan where draught was the cause of poverty and strife, he became a rainmaker, using science to create rain in the sky. This amongst so many inventions. Today, Isan despite its vastness is a bourgeoning hub for economics, technology and culture. In a country that has predominantly one season, he saw to it that we could benefit from the pleasures of autumnal and winter vegetables in his agricultural initiative which was the Royal Projects. As an artist he painted and drew in his yearly New Year’s Greeting to the people, for this he shared with us his sense of humour and hope, always a great way to start to the new year. As a musician he composed countless compositions including one that would capture the hearts of the people, Yarm Yen (Evening) immortalised by a performance by Benny Goodman in the 1960’s. The melody to this song able to transport us to an evening breeze, with this he brings peace and serenity. His ability to merge Western notions of sustainability when Capitalism was the prevailing system led to his Sustainable Economy philosophy practiced by our country.

In a year where so much has changed, a seismic shift is happening and this great loss saddens us all but in his memory we hold fast to our hearts his benevolence and remember that the great deeds of our King should inspire us to carry on with steadfast vision and determination. This is a vision to provide a future for our children where there is no impossible and with the knowledge that ne man is capable of greatness now matter from what walk of life.
Photo by Karn from 2Mag x SATI Faces/Now Art Therapy Program
Always in our hearts. Our Beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej.