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When Fashion Meets Chocolate

Two of the biggest obsessions for women around the world – chocolate and fashion – come together in a special designer chocolate series at SO Sofitel Bangkok’s Chocolab.

August 10, 2017
Always immaculately-dressed, not a hair out of place, Tawn Chatchavalvong is the image of perfection and, for the past seven years, he has translated his personal perfection into glamorous women’s apparel under the brand TAWN C. Last month, Tawn, who is the first Thai designer to receive the "Pyramid Of Excellence" accolade from Accademia Italiana in 2016, donned a new hat as a chocolate designer in a special collaboration project with SO Sofitel Bangkok. Chocolab x Tawn C's “Bonjour BANGKOK — Sawasdee PARIS” is a chocolate series that has Thai and French flavors, inspired by from the cultures and designs of Bangkok and Paris, cities that Tawn is well familiar with.

The series of 24 limited-edition chocolate bon bons debuted earlier this month and will be available exclusively at Chocolab until September 2017. Each of the 24 designer treats will be individually filled with unique Thai and French chocolate fillings, including Tom Yum, Chili, Coconut, Kaffir Lime, Jasmine, Champagne, Bitter Ganache, Grand Marnier, Salted Caramel, Crunchy Hazelnut, and many more. A special gift box has also been designed to commemorate the collection.

2Magazine sits down with Tawn to talk about designing, dreams, and delightful confectionery.
What were the biggest challenges, as a fashion designer, in designing chocolates?

TC: The key task of a fashion designer is learning how to manipulate the materials to create the desired shapes and forms. To create outfits, I manipulate fabrics to make dresses and gowns, but when designing chocolates, I had to relearn my designing techniques with the help of the chocolate chef at SO Sofitel. I had to learn how to work with new materials to create this collection.  

 You said that in this showcase you mix the flavors of Paris and Bangkok. In your opinion, what do Paris and Bangkok taste like?

TC: The flavors of these 24 bon-bons from my collection were inspired by my memories of Bangkok and Paris, the two cities that the TAWN C. brand calls home. For me, Bangkok tastes like tom yum, curry, lotus seeds and dried banana, and Paris tastes like Champagne, Grand Marnier, and chestnuts.
"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." - Do you agree with this statement, and if so, what have you found in your life's chocolate box so far?

TC: I am grateful for the many opportunities I have had in my life and the fact that my award-winning TAWN C. brand is available on three continents is one of the nicest treats in my life’s chocolate box!

What makes chocolate appealing, in your opinion?

TC: The intriguing shapes, the seductive scent, the crisp crack of the tempered chocolate, and, of course, the cocoa flavor. And it is even nicer in a box with my name on it!

Your brand is expanding to France. What expectations do you have?

TC: Paris is a great city from which to introduce the TAWN C. brand to different buyers around the world. We launch our new collections twice yearly at the Paris Fashion Week. This is a very important step for our brand and we want this to be the first step to having TAWN C. in many cities around the world.

Chocolate and fashion - what do they have in common?

TC: I love fashion and, of course, I love chocolate, too. While my two annual clothing collections take most of my time and energy, I find that side projects like this chocolate collection help me look at design through a new perspective – this helps inspire my passion and sharpens my creativity.