When Lotus Met Assouline in Bangkok

Fine jewelry house Lotus Arts de Vivres, in collaboration with book publisher Assouline, opens a Lotus x Assouline bookstore in the gardens of the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.

February 03, 2017
Books are the key to all the knowledge in the world, in other worlds, of the past, and of the future. Despite great advancements in technology, all the Kindles in the world will never replace the sensation of running your hands over a beautifully bound book for the first time nor the discovery of all that lies beneath the cover as you take a journey page by page. The book as a journey is what Assouline does best, and the publishing house has recently joined forces with Lotus Arts de Vivre to publish the sublime Unexpected Creations.

Unexpected it certainly is —though anyone familiar with Lotus’ creations or those who have experienced the sumptuous setting of a Lotus party or experienced the graciousness of the Von Burens might have an idea. Enclosed in silk, the tome is the carriage for a Lotus journey: a book about adventure, romance, and creation. When one looks at an Lotus Art de Vivre creation, one realizes that at the core of what the house does is take the most exquisite and rare natural materials and combine them in a story: a creation that one would never expect. A jewel-encrusted skateboarding crocodile? Strands of gold nuggets that are actual Indian prayer beads dipped in gold. That is Lotus Arts de Vivre: a way of life filled with wonderful surprises and memorable experiences with great friends along the way.
Courtesy of Lotus Arts de Vivre | Photo: Yuriko Takagi
It was no surprise then when Lotus met Assouline for an experiential launch party, bringing everyone together in the gardens of the Anantara to experience the opening of Bangkok’s Assouline Pop-Up Shop. The pop-up bookstore collaboration offers more than a space to peruse many beautifully bound creations: Assouline books transport you to another place, immerse you in the spirit of that place, and share the fascinating lives of those represented therein. It is in the same way that Lotus is not just a jewelry house but a lifestyle: a nomadic, luxe, jet-setting, bohemian one. Likewise, Assouline is more than a book publisher, more akin to a club that brings everyone together to record and share their experiences.

Unlike the Von Burens’ exquisite black-tie ball in Bali years ago, the opening of the Assouline Pop-Up Store in Bangkok featured neither sarongs nor dancing; it was more of a cocktail and dinner party-esque book club that inspired engaging conversation and friendships, but one wonders, after turning the pages of Lotus’ immaculate print creation, when the next time the Von Burens will host a party that sees dancing throughout the night.
Courtesy of Lotus Arts de Vivre
Courtesy of Lotus Arts de Vivre

The Assouline Pop-Up is a refuge within the Anantara that welcomes you to open up a book, soak in the atmosphere, and be transported away, all whilst being protected by the shadow of a giant tree root and surrounded by Lotus’ signature creations.

The Assouline Pop-Up is now open at the Anantara Siam until March 31.