Your Wedding Invitation Says it All

One card can unveil all about you and your spouse-to-be as a couple, whether you're classic, cool, or just plain crazy.

February 09, 2017
A wedding invitation, to the couple tying the knot, is more than just a pretty card in an envelope. It’s one of the first decisions they jointly make as a couple: one that says a lot about their style. The piece of paper says more to the guests than merely the words printed on it –in fact, it makes a first impression even before the recipient opens the envelope. Is it scented? How does the paper feel? Are the card and envelop made with organic, recycled paper and printed with earth-friendly, fair trade, ethically sourced soy ink? In this day and age, when traditional wedding invitations just won’t do, 2Mag asks four creative agencies to come up with their dream invitation cards and share with us their inspiration for their unique interpretations of a holy matrimony.
“The first marriage in the world was Adam and Eve’s, which resulted in their punishment and exile from the Garden of Eden. What we can learn from their love story is the importance of honoring your words, and the evil of sinning.”
Pakkanat Tanprayoon
Head of Art/Co-founder
Well Done Bangkok
"If Kurt Cobain had his wedding, this is how it would look.”
Chutivat Cherdchoo and Wuttikorn Akkaratanasompop
Creative Director/Chief Visionary and Executive Art
Director/Production Supervisor
Visionary Group
“The card was inspired by supermarket brochures. The wedding is set in a supermarket, and the guests are able to consume the food in the supermarket at their own leisure. In a Chinese-style banquet, we usually enjoy just one or two dishes provided on the table. This supermarket wedding will ensure that the guests truly enjoy their food. After all, the idea of having a wedding is to share the happiness.”
Kritsada Phakawatsuntorn and Settharath Maneelert
Creative Director and Creative
James Dean
“My inspiration is on my office desk. [Perman] has been my favorite movie since I was a child, and I always remember the scene at the end of the movie in which the male and female protagonists fall in love with each other.”
Vorathit Kruavanichkit
Creative Director